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  1. Looks interesting....been there myself too. NOT a nice place.
  2. Samsian


    I hope you did.......but if you ever move to Kent......
  3. Appliance output, flue type, use of room & safety device will also have a bearing on what appliances are allowed where (new and existing)......again, only added here in case anyone else trwls the net for this info in years to come ;-)
  4. A bit old now this post, but my advice is be competetive, stay 'local' and most important of all, be RELIABLE......you'll get the work beleive me!
  5. In the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Guernsey, whenever a gas engineer carries out gas work on your property, by law they must be on the Gas Safe Register & thus suitably qualified for that type of work- Regardless of whether money changes hands.
  6. Cant you do deal with a local gas safe registered engineer? Surely someone would give you a special price for a one off.
  7. Chestnut is 100% correct. Building regulations compliance cetificate is required by law and has been for several years now (whether letting or not) You will still need a gas safety certificate though.
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