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  1. Thanks Trenners for your comments. I guess you must be an agent yourself. I realise that I could have refused this tenant, and it's something I'll learn from. However, we were never informed about the dogs. If we had been we would have definitely refused him. Also the agent didn't carry out the exit survey, closing accounts etc as per the Management Agreement. He claims that we did the check out ourselves, which is incorrect. When we arrived at the property after he informed us that the tenant had done a runner, we took some photographs, video footage etc, for our own benefit. He didn't even have a camera to take pictures. He didn't inform the utility companies, and this has resulted in extra costs for me that could have been avoided if he had met the terms of the Management agreement. Strangely though, he still managed to take the 10% fee, even from the deposit, which was higher than the normal monthly rent. I don't think this is fair or correct either. More things to pass on to the Ombudsman / Courts! Anyway, I appreciate all the comments. I'll take this one through even if just on principle. I would like to make it known to the many people, what a poor and unreliable agent this guy is. Mick
  2. Hi I would like to take action against the agent that was allegedly managing our property. They found a tenant who moved in to the house in December 2009. He has since left the property owing 3 months rent, and quite a lot of damage both internally and externally in the garden. My complaint surrounds several things. 1. We explicitly stated that there were to be no animals in the property. The tenant had 2 dogs which have caused considerable damage to the garden. The tenant had stated that he had dogs on his application form, but the agent allowed him to take on the tenancy. Agent response: "they were originally [tenants'] parents dogs and would be returning to them". 2. The tenant had a CCJ of which we were advised but that he was paying it off. Agent response: '[Agent] can only advise the condition on the credit report when completed the evidence is then put to the landlord for their decision on continuation of the let". 3. Employment references were not fully checked. Tenant's employer was also his next-door neighbour, and the employment dates did not match between the reference and his application form. Agent response: "this was noted at the time and the difference is due to [Tenant] doing casual work for [Employer] and then Joining the company full time on the 19/08/2008. I do see your concerns with the employer being the next door neighbour but this is a co-incidence and irrelevant if his employer is next door or the other side of the country". 4. I telephoned the tenants former landlord who informed me that the tenant was not reliable and regularly was late with his payments. Agent response: "it was discussed at this time [6th April] about the reference that he supplied and only then did he advise that he had been late on a number of occasions by a couple of days with the rent". 5. Due to the tenant leaving, we authorised the locks to be changed, however the agent forgot to include the lock on the door of the integral garage, which affords full access to the property. Agent response: "there was no instruction to change this lock until you [me] arrived at the property the first instruction was to only change the front door and to leave all others and the kitchen door was only instructed on after you where advised that no key had been left in the door". I have entrusted our property to this agent to look after it on our behalf as we live outside the UK. We pay for the fully managed service and are now quite considerably out of pocket, as a result of what I deem to be very poor service. I understand that I have little hope of pursuing the agent for the non-paid rent, but can I at least claim against him for the additional cost of repairing the property. As the tenant paid a deposit, the majority of the costs will come from that. I estimate around £500 additional cost which I believe should be covered by the agent. However when we finally did get the deposit, the agent took "outstanding fees" from this and gave us the balance. Is he allowed to do that? Do I have a case? I appreciate any help you can give. To make this even more comical, the agent responded to me by telling me how that they had just won an award for the agent providing the best service for the whole of the Midlands. Maybe the best agent for providing excuses for not managing a property! Either way I thought it a damn cheek! I am going to make an official complaint to the Property Ombudsman but would like some advice if anyone can help. Best regards, Mick
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