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  1. I would like to post a warning to prospective tenants although perhaps you are all less naive than myself. Having chosen a flat from a bonafide agent and fulfilled all the paperwork I expected to be treated with respect and honesty in return for paying the rent. What a laugh. I moved in and on day 1 the boiler did not work. No hot water or heating. 10 days to fix. at four monthly check by agent they smelt gas and sent in the gas board which opened a can of worms. The gas fitter not corgi registered had shoddily fitted boiler omitting to solder the pipes! This time was left for 25 days without heat or hot water and the landlord gave me notice to get - presumably for having the temerity to allow the agent to call the gas board to correct a gas leak. Corgi wrote report - passed to HSE. Fitter - friend of landlord, not registered. All of them said they didnt know. So the HSE writes them a letter telling them not to do it again. No wonder we hear of students being blown up and gassed. I have been to hell and back. My final year studies have been disrupted to the point where I have gone from 90% marks to 55%. I have been harrassed. Slandered. and sent into a nervous decline. All I hear about bad tenants - We dont need bad tenant/landlord registers. We need legislation that means what it says. When the punishment for using non registered fitters is severe these people will not stop and take their responsibilities seriously until HSE etc enforce the penalties. I got away with being sick, suffering headaches, and dumping my studies - the flat is now up for re-renting. The gas fire is still not to standard requirements and no-one is interested.
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