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  1. Thankyou Grampa ,some sound advice . So perhaps 2 mid terrace ,low maintenance would be better . Alan
  2. I intend to just buy One BTL and keep for say 15 years plus as my sole income. Would starting a small business as a landlord be permitted and would it be an advantage for income tax or capital gains tax relief if i sold the property some years later ? If so is it free to start a business ? sorry lots of questions. Regards Alan
  3. Thankyou for your response , just clarify it was a BTL not a sandwich I was thinking of. I dont need a mortgage as im selling a home that wasnt suitable to let. my concern was Capital gains tax bill if i sold the BTL, in say 10 years . so if its the only property i actually own ,even though i never lived there and live in a small rental myself I dont need to nominate it as primary residence ? would there be any point in buying it through a company ? [i dont, as yet own a company] I like the mercedes motorhome Grandpa did you construct it yourself? it looks like
  4. I am hoping to purchase my first and only BLT and need advice on nominating it as primary residence, my situation is I have a very cheap small residence i rent and live at. and hope to buy a larger 3 bed to let out for income in retirement ,can i nomiate this as my main residence ? is there any time limits ,as i hope to do this for at least 10-15 years if i dont pop my clogs. Is this the best option do you think any advice would be greatly appreciated .Kind regards Alan
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