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  1. The Lease is KING so read it.....if the lease does not require you to pay into a reserve and sinking fund then quote that clause back to the freeholder/mangeing agent. Also under L&T Acts in particular section 19 (1)any payment asked for in advance needs to be reasonable. The lease will tell you when decorating works require doing normally every 3/ 5 years - have they done this? The reserve fund is not for emergencies it is for specific items of expenditure which will be in your lease..read the lease
  2. Well that is not correct as firstly it depends what the lease says as some leases require an accountant or surveyor to approve the accounts this is a condition precedent so its not that straightforward and yes freeholders have been prosecuted for not providing information ...make an application to the FTT under section 27A L&T Acts and tell them FTT that you need disclosure of all the invoices and receipts to narrow the issues and section 19 whether costs are reasonable
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