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  1. Hi, Fully agree a bargain they use gutter vacs and having contacted them all work is fully invoiced as they informed me a lot of household insurance policies now recommend gutters should be cleared annually. They are local so makes sense to use them as they have been helpfull in responding quickly to any questions I have had. Thanks everyone here.
  2. Hi, And thank you for your reply, the company have told me that there normal charge is 55.00 but may be slightly more they say up to 15% on first cleans due to the extra time they can take. They appear professional from their website and having spoken to them. Thanks Petula
  3. Hi, I have been informed by my tenant that their gutters are overflowing, having called over to take a look there appears to be a forest growing out of them. I have found a local business who have quoted £55.00, it's a semi and just wondered if that sounded fair. I have no idea what the normal costs are and wondered if any of you could say if that sounds fair. Thanks for your help on this.
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