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  1. It is 'judgemental' because the author is the one who is asserting that it is 'good advice' and imposing his/her ill informed judgement on the situation. Why should this incident give rise to the need for the intervention you are suggesting? Just because I came to this Forum which is full of Noble members who dedicate their time to helping others doesn't mean that I have failed to address the problem and therefore I need the services of an estate agent, you don't know my personal circumstances. Completely irrational way of thinking in my opinion. I have received some good and generously g
  2. Thank you all so very much, I cannot thank you enough. I have drafted a polite but firm letter restating the rental agreement position, namely no property to be taken off the premises or else it will be deemed to be theft. Your comments have been an education, thank you very much one and all! Please keep up the good work and help. Best wishes all.
  3. Thank you all for taking the trouble, and time to read my post and comment with ideas and suggestions - some helpful more than others. True, assumptions had to be made, the information I provided was brief. - there was no mound, but an elevated section of the ground which was never intended to be reduced to the same level as the rest of the garden. This section forms about 10% of the garden which is a fairly large garden; the previous owner of the house grew vegetables in this part of the garden. The tenant has levelled off this ground, and beneficiated the top soil for his own use in
  4. I stumbled upon a situation where a tenant is in the middle of removing top-soil from my premises without any previous consultation or consent from me, and is exporting it off-site for the purposes of landscaping as part of his line of work. I am 'rookie' landlord forced into being one as a result of losing my job a year ago and now I work away from home. There are a couple of issues: (i) I will be going back to live in my house in a year or two; (ii) I may need to use the top soil for some purpose and it is good to have around. I have not commented to date in order to preserve working relati
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