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  1. Thanks for your help. I would, as I interpret it, say it's revenue expenses. I had tenants in the property and I had to repair the roof, replace some radiators and it needed a full rewire as per the electrical inspection. Including various other issues... Yes, it has been an expensive property Grrrrrrr...
  2. I have a couple of properties for rental purposes. My tax knowledge is as low as it gets, but when I fill in my self assessment I am wondering how I fill in my losses. My Income is approx £3,000 My Losses is approx £6,500 (various repairs etc) Do I have to declare my full income and my full losses when I fill in my self assessment? Or can I carry some of my losses over to next years tax assessment? Am just concerned if I have to declare my full losses, which are £3,500 over my profits, will they be automatically carried over to next years tax assessm
  3. I have had some work done on the a property and have the invoices for all the jobs done. But I have noticed that none of the invoices have vat numbers on them. All they show is the companies name, the job done and the cost. Can I still use these invoices as tax deductibles when I am doing my self assessment?
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