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  1. OK thanks, it's useful to know what others think is reasonable even if it's hard to be precise. I don't feel a need to take it further if there's nothing wrong.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Do you have a feeling for at what point the fund value would start to seem unreasonable?
  3. Hello, I'm a leaseholder in a block of 15 flats. The service charges we've been paying have been exceeding the freeholder's expenses by around £4,000/yr and this has been put into a major repairs fund, which is now worth around £30,000. Whilst I favour having a moderate reserve fund to ensure that urgent repairs can be carried out, I'm wondering why it needs to keep growing at this point, tying up leaseholders' funds. I've asked the freeholder several times if he has a plan for how large the reserve fund will be allowed to grow before the service charge is reduced or whether he foresees partic
  4. Grampa - basically, price. My flat is in a fairly high-rent area, and agents want 11% of the rent plus VAT, which comes to ~£160/month. Online agents seem to want far less than that (I've seen one for £35/month and one for £79/month). I worked out an approximate hourly rate for property managers' based on the high street agents' charges and the number of properties they manage and it's well into the three figures, so it seems that much better value should be obtainable. Of course I will negotiate with them a bit more to try to come to a reasonable price, but it's good to know if I should actua
  5. Hello, I was wondering has anyone here used online letting agents for finding tenants and/or managing their rental property, and if so who did you use and what was your experience like? I'm going to rent out my flat for the first time, and want somebody competent to manage it as I will not be in the city, so I'm wondering can they give a service that is good enough compared to using a regular letting agent?
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