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    What next

    Yes it looks like we'll have to go down that route thanks for your comments
  2. Brin

    What next

    Hi Grampa I have read that you have to elevate the writ from county court to high court under section 42 is this correct and it says that it is at the judges discretion , or do we just enter it at the high court Its a minefield ! Appreciate your reply as going to court tomorrow to apply
  3. Brin

    What next

    Thank you Grampa will let you know what happens
  4. Brin

    What next

    My girlfriend has been letting her cottage since last may through an agent ,the tenant has not paid any rent since November 2018, we have given her a section 21 in January and have taken her to court for repossession , the court awarded possession and costs, for Yesterday but still the tenant has not moved out ,so on Monday we apply to court for bailiffs action The tenant does not communicate with agent and ignores all emails, phone calls and texts, we do not know where she is Question !! what happens if the bailiffs go and cannot get an answer ? where do we take it from there
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