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  1. Grampa I don't have copy of gas certs or anything you imply as it was never going to be a tenant/landlord type of rent.! It was a property I renovated for sale and my ''friend'' was desperate for a short while, as such I didn't take a deposit/bond or anything, It was only when I told them that I'd sold it that they went to the council for a council hours, all amicable etc, then the council got involved and told them everything they could do..!! the council basically have advocated them to basically lose our friendship and in the process cause me as much problems as possible. We had a
  2. Many thanks for your advice, as I've alluded to earlier there was never any intention of becoming a landlord (you lot must be crazy lol) but that said it's a massive lesson learned at this stage. I'll take all your advice on board which is appreciated. I'll speak to my solicitor in Monday. Lastly, the tenant said they require 6 months notice which the council is leading them, which means September the 1st. Does that mean they have to leave on the 2nd? Many thanks
  3. We have no signed agreement, it was a ''favour'' in the first place, but now seems to ''favour'' them as tenants and not me as the owner of the property?? Does it make a difference if they haven't signed a contract or letting agreement? Many thanks
  4. In march a ''friend'' and his family had to leave their rental property as it was being sold. At that time I'd renovated a small cottage and offered to them as I wasn;t moving in myself and would probably sell it. They paid me rent from the first month and so on. Last month we sold the property quite quickly and told our friends it would take 10-12 weeks to go through. NOW I find out they had ccj's and cannot get another rental property.! As such they are demanding they stay at my property for 6 months minimum, seems on checking this myself we have become landlords by mistake as we were only h
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