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  1. So this is a question about Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) on transfers of property. Capital Gains Tax and trusts also come into it. Q1. Has anyone managed to transfer properties from an 'active partnership' (properties held in joint names) into a limited company and then gone on to claim back the extra 3% SDLT successfully? Q2. Has anyone transferred properties or part-shares of a property to one of their children and if so, can they confirm that SDLT is not liable if no payment is given in return? Q3. Has anyone done a transfer of property to a trust they have set up for their children an
  2. I'll take a look at the questionnaire that the seller completed. Presumably there is a statute of limitations on this, would it be 7 years?
  3. Thanks for replies from everyone. In response to questions about the past/ acquisition of the property, our solicitors did not highlight this issue as far as I am aware. In any case we are where we are. Does anyone know if I can ask the other property owners to contribute to the cost of replacing the supply across my land, given that all their water flows through my pipework and has undoubtedly contributed to the wear and tear that caused this old lead pipe to split? I've dug it up, wrapped it round with Denzo and jubilee clips but obviously it needs fixed.
  4. I own two mid-terrace properties divided into 4 flats, on either side of my flats there are four other properties, some also subdivided - 7 further households in total plus my four. I have a single stopcock and water supply for all my flats and three other freeholds (5 households) piggy-back off my supply. The pipework traversing my land is a mix of lead, copper and plastic, all bodged together and I've got a leak - not the first. What is the legal position - surely there should be a single supply for each flat? Severn Trent is the water company, what if I notify them and the other propert
  5. Thanks - approaching the local prison was not an option that I had considered.
  6. The police will not pass on any letters or messages. As he is a long-standing tenant, I do actually want to speak to him before I start the eviction process if at all possible. Does anyone here know the protocol for contacting prisoners on remand?
  7. A formerly reliable tenant of 5 years standing has missed two payments and has not been seen for five weeks. The local police tell me that they 'know where he is and he is safe and well'. That is code which probably means he has been arrested. Before I go through any formal proceedings I would like to talk to him but the police will not facilitate any contact. Is there any way I can use Habeus Corpus or other such legislation to find out where he is being detained and make contact with him?
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