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  1. It would be dependant on the reasons for the eviction as to what process I would follow. Regardless without a tenancy agreement we would have to file for possession via the court system with the evidence of the reason you are giving for eviction. What are the circumstances?
  2. I currently use ensleigh as my referencing company, I am compliant with data protection and am also continuously researching and reviewing updates on any new legislations as I’m sure you are aware they are ever changing in the property industry. I will chase arrears to whatever extent my landlord wishes to the point I have attended court to represent landlords before. I do not carry qualifications I have experience I was previously employed as a property managers assistant to then have the property managers job offered to me within my first year, I have learnt on the job. I have been faced wit
  3. Good morning all! I am looking for landlords that would like help in managing their properties. I am an experienced property manager and would like to help you in having a stress free time in letting your propety. The services I offer are at competitive rates to high street agents. They include collecting rental payments from tenants, carrying out inspections to ensure your property is being well looked after. Chasing arrears. Managing maintenance issues, tenants would be in direct contact with me rather than you. Set up fees are applicable and then a percentage would be deduc
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