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  1. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I have decided to serve a second S21 , the Section 21(4) (a) as it is now a periodic tenancy starting before October, 2015. I am also compiling evidence for the Section 8 under grounds 8,10,11, 12 & 13 as further backup, though am nervous of going down this route. My question is, I am unsure how detailed one needs to be on this. Should I be concise i.e. 'Tenant has disallowed access for X months to carry out maintenance, GSC, Inspection ' or go into extensive detail, listing every occasion with dates, number of attempts made, periods T
  2. Thank you both for your replies. I plan to send a Section 8 and will follow up with the 'letter before action' including veiled threats to report him to the Law Society. I am very concerned about the time frame, whether the Section 21 is successful or not or resorting to S8 route , if the tenant still does not move out, it could be weeks to get a bailiffs appointment here in London. My claim will then far exceed the SCC threshold. Do you know if its possible to make a maximum claim through the SCC and also get a separate judgement to deduct the shortfall from the deposit? I ima
  3. Hi All, Would appreciate some advice, please. Issued our tenant with a Section 21 in April and have now received a Notice of Issue from the CC giving the tenant two weeks to put in a defence. I assume the S21 was filled out correctly otherwise we wouldn't have received the Notice of Issue? As to a defence, the only grounds I think they can use is hardship (unlikely as they are a solicitor) or cite the S21 was never received. (Have witness/video evidence). If they do put up a defence in the next week, does anyone know how long it then takes to get a hearing date and from there, the maxi
  4. My tenant is due to move out in approx two months. I've served the Section 21 on time which has not been acknowledged by him. In the weeks leading up to this he has cut off all communication with me, ignoring my emails, notices under the door requesting a visit to deal with maintenance issues and more recently ignoring a further notice + three emails requesting access for the gas safety inspection which is overdue. I put a further notice under his door advising I would be visiting with the inspector at a given time to carry out this work and despite security informing us he was in the fl
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