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  1. The last two posts from Grampa and Richlist match my believe - the tenant can be required to pay CT on two properties without discount.
  2. Thank you to all responses. To clarify. The council accepted the fact that the tenant is responsible for the council tax. But they have given them the empty discount. By the time I was able to retake the property. The discount period had ran out. The fact is, up until mid April, the tenant had the right to the property and enough furniture to be making use of the property. So my argument is, the empty discount should start in mid April when the property really became empty.
  3. I have continuous issue with the council on the council tax. I have read similar threads already, but none same. In mid march 2015 I suspected that my tenants had abandoned (rents not paid etc). During the property inspection they left sufficient furniture and items. To be legally cautious, I left notice of abandonment to repossess the property in one month time. The property subsequently cleared out on mid April followed by extensive refurbishment and finally rented out on mid July. I expect to get the three month empty 100% council tax discount (mid April to Mid July). But the council says
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