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  1. Just wanted to thank you all for your feedback and comments. The Freeholder has now sent all receipts and invoices which is good and we shall therefore go ahead with payment. And yes this service charge is relatively cheap but there isn't much needed for the property anyway! We are about to buy another flat and that's a whooping 1500 pa service charge! Thanks again everyone
  2. Five flats converted from a Victorian house. Here are her other charges as per her Word document - Expenditure 1/1/16 - 31/12/16 Electricity £124.20 Bank Charges £66.00 Accounts £310.50 Management (incl office costs) £500.00 Asbestos Survey, 20/3/16 £276.00 A M Fire & Security Contract, 14/2/16 £233.40 Ballcock repair in roof, 18/1/16 £60.00 Fire Risk Assessment, 7/11/16 £207.00 £1,777.10 Less Service Charge invoiced 1/1/16 (5 x £200) £1,000.00 Any thoughts? Thanks
  3. Thanks for your feedback again. I noticed in her Word document she is charging a 500 pound management fee [including of office costs] which is to be split between all the flats. I am not necessarily doubting her honesty with all these charges but to me it makes sense to provide evidence to everyone that such monies have been spent. To me it isn't acceptable to claim on her Word document that a Fire Assessment for example cost 1,700 pounds without providing an invoice. Thanks for all your help. Appreciate it
  4. Thank you both for your responses. I will be emailing her now and asking for the receipts and invoices. To me, it isn't good enough to send out a Word document with what she has supposedly spent money on. For all I know, she could be adding a bit of money here and there and making herself a nice profit. Thank you for your help again
  5. Hi thereFor a second year running the woman who owns the freehold to our flat is not supplying any receipts of the charges she is charging us all.Instead, she is has put together a Word document saying that electricity costs X amount, bank charges X amount, stamps X amount etc.SHOULD THEY BE ATTACHING RECEIPTS AND INVOICES WHEN ASKING FOR SERVICE CHARGE PAYMENT?Thanks
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