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  1. Another thing is that the tenant does have exclusive use of his room stated in the tenancy agreement and at time in the agreement is referred to as a sub-tenant. Ahh confusing!
  2. I did want this, I took the opportunity to manage this property as I lived here the year before and didnt want to give it up. My landlord benefits as he lives in manchester and the property is in London - he trusts me and I look after the place, whereas he escapes estate agent fees and hassle (like this ) with tenants. I was looking for the section of the housing act 1988 which states that an agreement is not an AST if the landlord lives with you and you share areas. However I am struggling, and unsure on where to go next. Rent is due on the 15th and I will be happy to serve 're
  3. I am renting a property on an AST and have landlord permission to sub let. I sub let 3 rooms, and live in the fourth. All tenants were made aware of this and signed an AST. I am having issues with one tenant, who after being told to clear his mess up is telling me that he will not pay the full rent as I paid less for it last year (last year i lived in the same room as a joint tenant). He knows this as he knows me personally. I am unsure if the AST i signed with them stands as an AST or they are infact excluded occupier or lodger? Also at the time i read something saying th
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