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  2. Consultation underway Re forcing landlords to allow gigabits broadband upgrades. https://theregister.com/2021/06/09/dcms_landlord_gigabit_consultation/
  3. I've done the survey but if you haven't already I'd suggest you post your message on other landlord web sites. I doubt wether this forum has 100 regular members so responses are going to be quite light.
  4. Hi there! I need your help please, I am a student and to complete my masters thesis I need to get 100 answers to my survey. This survey is part of my masters in Marketing and Business Development and aims to better understand the perception of landlords, homeowners and property managers on home repair companies and their online presence. Could you please answer it? It should take you less than 5 minutes. Your answers are anonymous and there are no right or wrong answers. Thank you in advance for your time, it means a lot to me! To answer the survey please hit the link: https://f
  5. You are entitled to your opinion, we just take opposite views on what is needed. As I've said many times, the most important thing a landlord will ever do is to pick their tenants very, very carefully. You may find it unacceptable that an old car is parked on your the drive but they aren't breaking any rules. I accept you need to be able to sleep at night and if it bothers you that much your only option is to issue an S21 with all the potential cost & time that it might involve or go busy yourself with something far more important. Landlording is about compromise. It's also
  6. I have T's with an older car on the driveway, so similar. It isn't legal in any respect for road use. It will stand and deteriorate. Brakes will lock, they will use it to store 'things' just for a little while. I don't find that acceptable. They have said their son is going to renovate the thing for himself. Then he can do that at his own property (he doesn't live with my T's). For him to do these works at my property is equally unacceptable. 'Some time' down the non road it will be a rusty lump not worth the effort of renovation. There has been risk of my needing to hoof 'em a
  7. But that would apply to any parking area, anywhere in the country and is an over reaction. As I read the post, in this case, it's a parking area available to tenants for parking their cars...... the forum responses are OTT. What comes next ? the tenant moves in extra furniture and the landlord gets worried he'll have to dispose of it when they vacate ? It might be worth reminding forum members that a car parked on private land : * doesn't need to be insured, taxed, mot'd or working. * doesnt need to be newer than 18 years old. * the owner doesn't need to be able to dr
  8. If you dont jump on this it will just become a dumping ground for tenants scrap cars
  9. Or you could just do nothing, mind your own business & don't give your tenant an excuse for reporting you for harrassment. I'm sure you can find something far more important to do than running around looking for ways to disrupt your tenants quiet enjoyment. If you think it's not SORN and you feel you want to be a good citizen report it to the authorities. I'm puzzled as to which aspect of this matter concerns you.......is it relevant that it's an 18 year old car or that it's not working or that you can't discover who the last owner was. These aspects have nothing to do with you.
  10. The vehicle has to be on a SORN according to the DVLA guidelines even if it is on private land. Have a chat with them.......... if you can find anyone in that is.
  11. H'mmm... good point bil, thanks - I'll remember that in case it's necessary. But does it apply on private ground, I wonder - surely it can't be regarded as an obstruction in the strict sense.
  12. They contacted me regarding upgrade on electric heaters etc, said its a grant funded system, they completed surveys, said they could start next week, i asked for schedule of works and copy of there liability insurance, never heard from the after that, oh well, may have been a scam.
  13. the car could be classed as abandoned, its the councils duty to make the owner aware that the vehicle could be removed.
  14. Thanks, Grampa - I agree absolutely, but we live and learn. In future this amendment will be incorporated, and I urge others to do the same. My AST agreement is exactly as specified by Visum at the time, and our much earlier experience through a conventional agent was quite similar. And, Carry On Regardless, I'm sure you are quite correct but I don't think I want to be too heavy handed. At least I have the ultimate recourse of deducting towing charges from the deposit, as there's a clear requirement that all personal belongings have to be removed.
  15. No but a quick internet search doesnt look good for them. https://www.arcoservices.co.uk/news/blog-article/roofing-firm-in-court-following-bbc-watchdog-probe
  16. A good tenancy agreement would have a clause about vehicles (including caravans) on the property and them having to be taxed and insured. Obviously you could then amend as you see fit or agree with the tenant by special arrangement if necessary. The reason being some properties and locations are not suitable for having beaten up unroadworthy crappy vehicles causing an eyesore and complaints from neighbour's etc. Also its not unheard of for mobile motor mechanics or over active car enthusiasts causing problems with noise etc so having a clause is a fall back if needed.
  17. My AST does restrict size of vehicles and that they must be road legal, of course that only applies within the boundary of the properties. The risk with any belongings that will deteriorate is that the T naffs off leaving us with the disposal issue. W/o a clause in the agreement I'm not sure what can be done. But any of us that experience anything that might be considered junk and dumped would take action. Not road legal (in this case)= junk. If it really concerns you you might consider a S21, while you still can. If your T can't demonstrate ownership you might have it rem
  18. Alec, This going to sound harsh but, what has that car got to do with you ? It's not yours, it's not on the public roads, it belongs to your tenant, it isn't causing any problems to anyone. Your tenant is entitled to quiet enjoyment of the property without their landlord sending them instruction on how to live their life. You've rented out the property, if you are receiving rents and the tenant is looking after it, let them get on with things without your involvement.
  19. My property has a strip of private land just off the road where tenants can park their car, and is described as such in the agreement. My tenant does not drive, but an 18-year-old car appeared on that parking area which she claims is hers. However, enquiries have indicated that it is untaxed, uninsured, not working and not covered by an MOT or SORN. I have been unable to discover the last registered owner, but I doubt if it is her. I sent her a message saying that I found the situation unacceptable, asking her to remove it. After nine months, nothing has happened and no reply was received
  20. Nobody has heard of Renov8 ?
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  22. If only that was true Kanrent...........Case on radio 4 this week. Service family rented out their main home due to their service posting away from the UK. All the legal rental stuff was correct through an LA. Now trying to regain possession and the tenant won't move out. Long involved story but the bottom line is they have been told they probably won't get their property back until next January. So much for serving your Country.
  23. "where we desire to sell a property" Or repossession so the landlord can move back into his property
  24. Thanks for your help, this is as I understood, but someone said, obviously wrongly, that if she rented out her home of several years and bought a new property she would not have to pay the SDLT.
  25. The Government are taking away the one right and legal way a landlord has of getting rid of tenants who refuse to honour their legally binding tenancy contracts. This cannot be right and I don't understand why the Government have not been challenged in a Court of Law by the Landlord's Associations or anybody else.
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