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Flooded property

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Just wanted to know peoples opinions on this one...

During some VERY heavy rain, my tenants call to say garden is flooded and water is 1/2inch below the front door!! :blink:

Anyway I went round and sure enough it was, but thankfully it subsided and all was well.

However it got me thinking, this property is one I manage for friends of ours and isn't one of our own. Whereas I hold building insurance on my own property that would cover to re-home the tenants in the case of flood damage, where do I stand on properties that are not owned by me?

The owner has buildings insurance that covers repairs to his property, but should that policy also cover to re-home the tenants, or should I have cover for this?

Just wondering in case the next flood is 1/2 inch deeper!! :o


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There should be proper Landlord's Insurance policy in place as most of these policies will cover the re-housing of tenant's due to flood and fire. I know mine do.

Perhaps a review of what is actually insured is called for?

To answer your question though it will probably be the responsibility of the landlord to rehouse any displaced tenant unless the tenancy contract states otherwise.

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