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Richard Price

Taking Pocession after serving notice under 21a

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so I am in the process of getting a court order to take procession of a property after the tenant has ignored the Form 6a - section 21 Notice. I have applied through the government online PCOL...… As anyone else had experience of this?  I was assuming I wouldn't need to attend the court in person but would need to supply copies of the contract, the certificate of notice and also the rent statement (the tenant is £680 in arrears) but I don't understand where I can attach these documents to the application. any help or previous experiences really appreciated 

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Right I am assuming:

  • The property is in england
  • It is less than 6  months since you served the s21
  • The tenancy is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy

The possession forms  were updated 21st November 2017 but the online forms on PCOL were not updated (last time I looked) so technically  there could be grounds for the judge to strike out. However if you chose to continue down the PCOL route you need to post any relevant docs to the same court that has been allocated for the hearing quoting the claim number given by PCOL.

Rent arrears is normally claimed via S8 or MCOL.

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