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Julie Spencer

New Landlord

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I am going to rent my house to a friend's daughter. I would like to manage the rent myself. However, I want to learn about what is required of me in the first instance and I will be downloading the tenancy agreement on Residential Landlord. I have read a very small amount of information and decided to stop and ask the question on here.

I understand I need a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector, but the tenant is responsible for replacing batteries and testing.

I would like to get the hose checked and inspected prior to the letting. Who would do this and what would they do. Would this include a gas safety check.

I wasn't going to take a deposit. Is this ok? I have read that you have to take one and keep in a guarantee scheme?

She is moving in and doing up at the same time, but at my cost. I will be knocking the costing off the rent. I am doing the upgrade with her as well.

Basically, what do I need, based on my information

My house is in Blackpool, Lancashire

Are there any specific Blackpool area requirements?

Landlord Insurance?

The house will be part furnished. How does this work. I read that if you provide it, you have to replace it, if damaged, or just wear and tear

All advice will be much appreciated



Julie :)

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My advice is don't mix business and pleasure. Rent your house by all means......but not to a friend's daughter.

Dealing with problems will be difficult if friends are involved. Take a deposit, also take rent guarantee insurance or a home owning guarantor.

You clearly don't know how to go about successful letting so employ a letting agent to get you started. 

Some people think it's easy to let property but there are lots and lots and lots of legal requirements and processes that MUST be followed. Get help before you start.

Forums are really for answering specific questions not for requesting the answer to how do I let a property in Blackpool.

It may look easy......it ain't.


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Don't do this, it's a disaster in the making.

Bail out saying you have learnt that letting a property not up to standard is too risky, which it is. You start off with risk of a claim of disrepair being possible. If a housing inspector were to get involved you would be given a strict time limit to carry out works and then it / they would be organised at greater expense to you. 

If you use the services of an Agent, I'm sure Grampa would agree, that a good one wouldn't touch the property until ready anyway.

It may be that you are needing the rental revenues to finance the renovations. It's very unlikely that you will see a positive result and the likely stresses would cause premature ageing.

As said no friends or family for many very good reasons.



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Julie.........There are some wise heads on this forum.... and some very old wise heads when it comes to property and landlording.

Some things you mention are a complete no-no in the World of property letting.

In your case as a 1st timer it may well be best to employ a good reputable letting agent and for you to buy a book on Property Letting.

The rule of thumb is never, but never let to friends..........they quickly become ex- friends  if even a minor dispute happens during their tenancy as experience from forum contributers has revealed.

Personally I would never let any of my properties to friends or family.

I'll answer 4 of your questions though.

Yes, take a deposit and protect it.

Gas safety certificate is a legal requirement.

You will need a new EPC certificate.

Electrical safety certificate, although not mandatory yet, is a sensible thing to have in place for peace of mind for you and your tenant.

Also if your house is on a normal mortgage and not a BTL mortgage you are required to inform your mortgage  provider in the change of circumstances. You will invalidate your house insurance if the facts are not as they should be in the event of any claim.


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Yes, I agree with them that it is a little complicated to rent the house to friends or family. You need to just take the basic checklist for the house as, fire safety alarm, gas safety, gutter check, installing impact windows miami and roof insulation. Make sure that you sign an agreement and take the deposit money.

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what about the other 15-20 legal and quasi legal landlord requirements ?

Are you actually from planet earth or perhaps the USA ?


It's not really that great......it's just extremely inaccurate.


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