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Agents fees for selling a property to your tennant?

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My letting agent approached me about a month ago with a request from my tennant as to whether I would consider selling him my property. We have since agreed a price and appointed solicitors with the agents acting as a go between. The agents very belatedly (yesterday) sent me through a sole agency sales agreement for signature, and are now seeking their full agents commision on the sale of the property.

Whilst they have acted as a go between, I never asked them to sell the property for me. Reading the sole agency agreement I don't see that I need to sign it, as I already have a sale agreed.

Can anyone advise whether the agents can force me to sign the agreement and if they are entitled to any commision? I fully accept that they have introduced the purchaser to me, but that was 8 months ago as a tennant, for which they received commision for their services as letting agents. All that they have done this time is email queries between a tennant and the landlord.

Many thanks for any advise

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