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Found 2 results

  1. I own two mid-terrace properties divided into 4 flats, on either side of my flats there are four other properties, some also subdivided - 7 further households in total plus my four. I have a single stopcock and water supply for all my flats and three other freeholds (5 households) piggy-back off my supply. The pipework traversing my land is a mix of lead, copper and plastic, all bodged together and I've got a leak - not the first. What is the legal position - surely there should be a single supply for each flat? Severn Trent is the water company, what if I notify them and the other property owners that since there is no wayleave agreement between us, they have 3 months to arrange a direct supply for their properties after which I will cap off the pipe through my land? That would leave me with one supply for my four flats but without the problem of other households complaining when I have to turn the water off. Does anyone here have any experience of shared water issues? Thanks, A.M.
  2. hi everybodyI had a burst pipe and internal leak in the hallthe insurance keep asking:We need to know the location of the leak to help us understand if this is an issue with an underground service pipe or internal plumbing. is the leak before or after the internal stop valve?from the insurance booklet it states:What is covered... g. Escape of water from, or the freezing of, fixed domestic water installations, or escape of oil from fixed domestic oil heating installations. What is not covered... • Loss or damage occurring when your home is unfurnished or unoccupied unless you have complied with the unoccupancy condition on page 43. • Damage caused by the escape of water from guttering, rainwater downpipes, roof valleys and gullies. • Where the escape of water causes, or is caused by subsidence or heave of the site on which your buildings stand or by landsliphttp://static.halifax.co.uk/assets/p...ons_policy.pdfnot too sure what it is covered any idea?regards
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