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Found 2 results

  1. hi can anyone tell me what restrictions there are on increasing my tenants rent my tenant is on a very low rent and had no increase for at least 6 years i would like to put the rent up 6.5% this year am i allowed to do that ? thanks for any help
  2. I have been renting a flat to this tenant for about 25 years. His rent is paid to me directly by housing benefit. It's a few years since I last increased the rent. The last time I issued a new short term tenancy agreement, which will now have expired. I assume he is now on a periodic tenancy. If I explain he will understand that I'm putting the rent up and it won't concern him as housing benefit will cover the increase. The problem I have is his mental health has deteriorated over the years and I don't know how I can get his signature witnessed. Do I have to issue a new tenancy agreement to increase the rent. Is there another way that does't involve getting his signature witnessed. I have a good relationship with this tenant but he is an alcoholic with very poor short term memory. If I ask him to get it witnessed he won't remember. How much notice do I have to give? The last time I increased the rent the housing benefit would only allow an increase in April. Regards Pat
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