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Found 5 results

  1. I have requested copies of the property management, cleaning and gardener contract for a residential estate. I am a part freeholder and therefore pay (significant) property management fees. The estate directors have ask me to explain why I need them and have not supplied. I appreciate they are sensitive documents but do I not have a right to a copy for services we pay for without needing to justify the reason? I'd simply like to know what I am paying for, so is requesting the 'services provided' list a good way of getting round this? Are there alternative suggestions please?
  2. Hi Landlords, Over the past few months I have been researching the Property Management marketplace and the responses have been very mixed. I know this is a subject some of you are very passionate about and I would be interested to hear your opinions. I hear lots of bad things about online property management portals. As a tech entrepreneur I see an opportunity to give people low fixed cost services on a wide scale by creating partnerships with well respected tradesmen and women in the local areas. I am still very much in the research phase so am not here to plug a product but if some of you would be interested in sharing your wealth of knowledge then please do drop me a line on groombridgetom@gmail.com. My background is in Peer to Peer lending where I have developed products which focus on three simple values (simplicity, fairness and transparency). I feel there is an opportunity to create a product in the property management market that mirrors these values and any insights into what landlords are looking for in their LA would be hugely appreciated. Your's Sincerely Tom Groombridge
  3. Hello, I'm looking for information on some decent and not to expensive property management services. Could someone who had experience with biggest estate agencies could provide me their fees and if it was really worth it ? Maybe better idea is to take smaller management company or even individual to get more personal approach and eventually cheaper deal and use bigger agency just to find tenants. Thanks
  4. Just visited Landlord and Letting Show at Barbican this week. A bit quieter than usual but some interesting developments in the market. Saw a couple of new letting/managing agents who are actually charging reasonable rates!!! As a landlord I get really fed up with being over-charged for these services (especially in London) so I was really pleased to see this new development. Of course the traditional agents there were predictably critical when I spoke to them about it....vested interests!! Anyway you might want to check them out; the best one IMHO was www.thamespropertymanagement.com who are charging 5% for tenant find and 7.5% full management with no VAT. Given that I am currently paying up to 15% in London I consider this worth a shot next time I get a vacancy. Also there are no fees to tenants which might help us landlords grab back some of the Gumtree market IvyEllen
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