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Found 1 result

  1. Tenant rang me 2 evenings ago at 5.40 pm he had arrived home from work and found the consumer unit had tripped (and continued to trip) leaving no active wall sockets or immersion heater. Lights, cooker and electric shower worked. I attended and checked with him by pulling all appliances' plugs out in case one had developed a fault and contacted a plumber and electrician I use but neither could attend that evening. The plumber arranged to break off a job and check it out for next day, usually these problems are caused by the heater element getting lime scale corrosion and packing up and shorting out the system. The electrician put on standby and booked in for the following morning after. My tenant not at all happy so i offered to put him up in my spare room which he refused, however, the tenant above dropped an extension lead down which my tenant used for his essentials ie microwave, kettle and TV. and dropped him £20 as a thank you. The plumber disconnected the 2 immersion heaters but the consumer unit continued to trip. I therefore contacted my electrician who arrived at 07.30 am next day (today). He discovered that the fault lay in the electric shower,although apparently working, that when switched off it tripped the consumer unit, he disconnected it and it now works, so the tenant has power but no electric shower which he is not botthered about at the moment, I just bought a new one and it is booked in to be fitted later by the plumber. The elctrician will come back tomorrow and install a new updated consumer unit. Nice to be friendly with your tenant but they can turn. My tenant was going to call out an emergency service which he stated would be at my cost and or stay in a hotel at my cost and made no secret of how disgruntled he was and is. I pointed out to him that the problem was sorted quickly, an emmergency service call out at night which I am not convinced could have fixed the problem any quicker at a cost of an 'open cheque' did not impress him.
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