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Found 2 results

  1. Housing Disrepair Claims, get your landlord to repair your home and claim compensation, apply online. We are a national group specialising in the identification and repair of housing disrepair issues. https://www.housingdisrepair.com/
  2. I'm a virgin landlord embarking on my first buy to let. In my advert I stressed no Housing Benefit applicants but have been approached by a single mum who works part time and intends to apply for HB to cover the majority of the rent. She was very open about her financial status but to mitigate my concerns her mother (employed full time and with her own property (albeit mortgaged)) has agreed to act as a guarantor. In addition they said her father (no longer with the mother I believe) who runs his own business will also be a guarantor. As further security they are prepared to pay 2 months rent as deposit rather than the 1 month requested in my advert and will pay the first months rent in advance before the HB kicks in. From a novices perspective this all sounds very secure to me (or secure as it can be) and assuming the references on the tenant and the two guarantors stack up my inclination is to let the property to the daughter. I suppose I'm looking for general comments from experienced landlords here regarding the scenario I have outlined. My main concern I think is just how easy would it be to get rent arrears from guarantors in the event the daughter is unable to keep up with rent payments. I've yet to receive formal confirmation of the tenants earnings but as she only works 2 days a week in child care I suspect that even with full housing benefit she is likely to need some help from mum and dad to make ends meet. Am I worrying unnecessarily? Any views would be appreciated.
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