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Found 2 results

  1. I own a flat which is tenanted and internally is in excellent condition. There is an elderly man of 87 living upstairs who is a sitting tenant. The freeholder of both flats is his landlord, and has done NO Maintenance apart from urgent repairs for more than 25 years. The old mans flat is in a terrible condition and over the 17 years that I have owened my flat, there have been several serious problems affecting my flat because of this. Unfortunately he now has dementure and last week left his kitchen tap running for several hours with the plug in. There is no floor covering in his kitchen so all water spillages and leaks go straight through the floor. This has caused severe damage to my flat and has badly upset my tenant. I called social services and they are going to call him but they have no concerns whatsoever about my problems, only his protection. I am at my wits end over this and just dont know what to do. Any help gratefully received.
  2. "Make absconding tenants(leaving debts including rent) a criminal offence" Petition wording for the search engine. We've had the unfortunate experience of having a tenant abscond owing three months rent and outstanding monies for neglect damage to our property in s Wales. The police are not interested in helping even though this person has done the same to other landlords leaving a trail of debt behind her. This should be a criminal not a civil matter. Once is too much in my opinion, a regular behaviour pattern of this nature is tantamount to fraud. Currently living somewhere in the CARDIFF area, this Irish woman is on LinkedIn and Facebook. If you are a landlord in s wales and CARDIFF area and want to know who she is please leave a message and I'll get in touch. Anyone who know where she is currently, please leave a message. My apologies for the negative nature of this message. But if someone is enjoying over £2k at our expense I think it's worth it. Chris
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