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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, 1 bed flat my daughter is renting was originally a 3 bed semi before conversion 20+ years ago. I have checked that they have separate chargeable dwellings order/title etc and they have. The council tax band is not being disputed (based on 1991 valuation) but the value of charge is. Band C for that area is £1676 pa. She is currently paying £2500+ pa. Her initial correspondence with the council has resulted in a letter back from the Valuation Office Agency saying its correct and only course of action is an appeal to the Valuation Office. On the assumption that both flats are paying the same (£2500 x 2) this must be some sort of council admin error originating from the conversion as over £5000k pa for a 3 bed semi is bonkers. Anyone got any experience of dealing with councils on such matters? For info. Full property in original unconverted state was valued at £55k in 1991 and circa 500k today.
  2. Hi Everyone, My first time posting on here so apologies if this is covered or in the wrong place. I am the leaseholder of a flat which I rent out - as is usual, we don't own the outer building and pay maintenance and service charges. I had been renting out the flat but had always had a fairly minor damp issue - some flaking paint on a wall that would be periodically re-painted. I decided as we had a break in tenants to get it properly investigated as it seemed to be getting worse. 3 surveys confirmed there was rising damp with a defective Damp Proof Course and the pointing on the outer 2 walls was letting in moisture. The freeholder has agreed with the findings and will take on the work, but has said the following is not their responsibility: Carpets (around 8 months old, will need to be ripped up for the work) Re-plastering the interior walls which need to be chipped away to carry out the work Repainting 2-3 months loss of rent Council Tax I have contacted Direct Line who have said this is not insurable as caused by a 3rd party who have admitted liability. Does anyone have any experience of this and know what the precedent is? Many thanks
  3. I have continuous issue with the council on the council tax. I have read similar threads already, but none same. In mid march 2015 I suspected that my tenants had abandoned (rents not paid etc). During the property inspection they left sufficient furniture and items. To be legally cautious, I left notice of abandonment to repossess the property in one month time. The property subsequently cleared out on mid April followed by extensive refurbishment and finally rented out on mid July. I expect to get the three month empty 100% council tax discount (mid April to Mid July). But the council says that the Tenants had registered their Council Tax to a different address on end of January, so the unoccupied 100% discount 3 months already given before I took back the property in mid April. I believe that the 3 months discount should start on mid April because the property was furnished and tenanted. And before mid April I should not be responsible for the Council Tax. I do not know how best to push the issue with the council tax people.
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