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Found 7 results

  1. It may come to nothing but adjacent to one of our BTL properties a Spanish company has an office and wants to rent it for staff long term. We have agreed and are very happy with a premium rent but they have now asked about buying instead. They have offered quite a bit more than we thought so we are not unhappy but they want us to pay an agent friend of theirs in Spain as the sales agent, it is no problem for us and seems a cosy internal arrangement for them and we are still considerably better off with the deal. Can we or rather our solicitor just pay an overseas agent direct?
  2. Hello, If someone can please advise- my actual end date for the lodger's agreement is 28th August. I plan to move out all my stuff by around 25th and spend the next day or so to clean the place. Now the letting agent sent me an email to say that they need to carry out a check-out inspection on 24th or 25th as they do not work on 28th. That involves them taking pictures of all items to see if there are any damages. I am not comfortable with this as I don't have time to clear and clean the place by then. I am very pushed with time as I work as well on top of trying to pack my stuff. Is it legal that they can demand checking out and inspecting 3 or 4 days before the actual end date? I told them I could be there on 28th evening if needed (as I need to work that day during day time) or else I am happy to surrender my keys to the landlord who lives downstairs on 28th and come back for the inspection on 29th as by then everything would have moved out and I would have cleaned the place. Please and please advise. I feel that they are not being fair. Regards, Maisy
  3. I have two properties which I let through a local Letting Agent , I have recently visited both properties to do minor work , the first property informed me that they had just signed a new Tenancy Agreement , but were asked to go to the Letting Agents office to sign, so no inspection of the property was undertaken , the second property's Agreement ran out in May 2014 and has not been renewed , again no inspection has ever been made at this property I sent an email to the Agents telling them that I no longer wanted them to act for me , they have replied stating that they are entitled to a withdrawal fee of one months rent per property Any thoughts ?
  4. My letting agent approached me about a month ago with a request from my tennant as to whether I would consider selling him my property. We have since agreed a price and appointed solicitors with the agents acting as a go between. The agents very belatedly (yesterday) sent me through a sole agency sales agreement for signature, and are now seeking their full agents commision on the sale of the property. Whilst they have acted as a go between, I never asked them to sell the property for me. Reading the sole agency agreement I don't see that I need to sign it, as I already have a sale agreed. Can anyone advise whether the agents can force me to sign the agreement and if they are entitled to any commision? I fully accept that they have introduced the purchaser to me, but that was 8 months ago as a tennant, for which they received commision for their services as letting agents. All that they have done this time is email queries between a tennant and the landlord. Many thanks for any advise
  5. Hi I have two properties managed by a letting agent since October 2013. At the time when I signed an open ended standard management agreement with the agent, both properties were already rented out. The tenants were previously found by the same agent under a tenant find only service (one of the tenants was already in occupation for 1 year, the other one for several years). One tenant left in June 2014, one is still in occupation. No new contracts were issued to the existing tenants when the agent started the management service, the agent only sent letters informing them of the new arrangement (e.g. standard management service) Due to poor management service from the agent since Oct 2013, I decided to terminate the agreement with him and wrote to him about this, including asking him not to take any action whatsoever in relation to the properties from the moment when I gave him notice. The agent replied by email: "under our terms of business its three month notice in writing, and compensation of 1 month in respect of the tenant already in place" also "at the time of our signing up meeting no set up fees or change over fees applied due to tenants already in situ" The terms that he provided in October 2013 (and I was not informed of any changes to them) state: "the agreement can be terminated by either party by way of three months written notice. The minimum fee applies if on termination the total fees due are less than the minimum fee. A placement fee equivalent to one month's rent will be payable where the Landlord intends to continue letting to tenants introduced by the Agent after the termination of this agreement" Also " a set-up fee will normally be levied at the outset for taking references and arranging the Tenancy" and Changeover fees (full service inc rent guarantees ) of £xxx plus VAT In Oct 2013, there was no need for the agent to take references etc, as it was all done long before he started his management service so he "waved" his fees for set up. I believe he is twisting his terms to imply - the "placement fee" becomes now a "compensation of 1 month", - "tenants introduced by the Agent" become "tenants already in place" Basically, that the tenant still in occupation of one the properties (who has been there for several years before the agent started his management service) is "his", instead of him having managed properties which were occupied by "my" tenants (he seems to imply that changeover was me "passing" the tenant to him, as if he found the tenant in Oct 2013 when he started managing the properties). Also, he said he will send me again his landlord pack, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the terms might have been changed after I issued his termination notice. - Can you please advise how to reply to the agent and refute his claim of "compensation of 1 month in respect of the tenant already in place". Also, I terminated my contract with him due to poor service since Oct 2013 (several complaints in writing), including misrepresentation of my property which is available for rent now (e.g. advertising on national websites using old photos, showing white goods and furniture no longer in the property). - Will I be bound to pay him 3 months fees for property management - either for the property which is empty now or the one where the tenant (found by him years ago under a different service), is still in occupation? - I have already given him written notice, and required him to stop services on either properties from the date when I sent the notice. Can I employ a different letting agent to find a tenant for the property which is empty now? - I want to give the tenant still in occupation of the second property a new contract. I talked to the tenant and he agrees with signing a new 6 month contract. Can I issue it now or do I need to give the tenant 1 month notice of a new contract - 6 months shorthold tenancy as opposed to the current periodic tenancy? Many thanks for advice.
  6. Please could I ask your advice with the following. I know a lot of people ask this, but the answer usually says : it depends on your contract. So I have given some details from the contract. We are letting out our house through a letting agent. Its a full management agreement, however, we are finding it easier to deal directly with the tenants, than keep going through the agents. They just add confusion and delays. Because of this and to save money, we'd like to terminate our contract with the letting agents. The Termination clause of the contract between us and the letting agent says : "Either party may terminate by giving the other party 1 months written notice. However, any fee or expenses due to us (the letting agent) in respect of any tenancy remain payable notwithstanding termination." The Appointment clause of the contact between us and the letting agent says : " You appoint us to be your agent to perform such services as set out below, during the Contract Period and we accept such appointment". The contract period is for 1 year, which we are now half way through. Questions: 1) If we give notice and cancel our agreement with the letting agent and manage our current tenants ourself, do we still have to pay the letting agent their monthly (10%) fees for the rest of the 1 year contract? 2) If we wait until the year contract has been completed with our tenants can we then terminate with the letting agent (having given notice) without having to pay them any further monthly fees, while keeping the same tenants in our house. Many thanks for any thoughts or advice. Steve.
  7. I am a trainee lettings negotiator and I would like to hear from landlords what they really want from an agent... What are your needs and expectations from a letting agent? What can a letting agent do to stand out from others, in your opinion? Would an incentive attract you? Please advise
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