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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I have just had free solar installed on my rented properties. It isn't rent a roof, it is in fact a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) scheme. My tenants get to purchase the electric generated at 3p pkwh (per kilo watt hour) instead of 12p - 15p they paid before. I now have happier tenants with lower electricity bills, also my rental properties are now band D or above on the EPC register. I was concerned with the new legislation coming into effect for landlords with lower property bands than a D, but this scheme has helped sort this issue out at no cost. I have the company info if you are interested, as it helped me out. Regards, Sedgy34
  2. Hello- www.zwind.com resume Ken Bosley, M.A. Energy consultant bosley@zwind.com PO Box 585 Sparks, Maryland 21152 USA 1 800 894 6352 voicemail I have a client who is a landlord who does not want a smart meter on the house he owns and rents. The utility, Baltimore Gas & Electric, Maryland, USA , refused to even defer a smart meter. Does anyone have any similar experience in the Landlord having a say of whether he can stop a smart meter ? Please let me know. {check the website www.zwind.com for my landline phone numbers} My client will be taking appropriate administrative and other to defend his property rights on this matter. Sure the electric bill and account is in the tenant’s name. So what? It is the landlords' real property and the meter is - smart or analog is part of the improvements of the real property even if owned by the utility. The smart meter is not the tenants personal property. The tenant does not - cannot take his smart meter with him. At the very least, the landlord is stuck with the smart meter. I am an expert in wind, solar and electric power and microgrids and I am available to work for additional clients. www.zwind.com resume Ken Bosley, M.A. Energy Consultant bosley@zwind.com PO Box 585 Sparks, Maryland 21152 USA 1 800 894 6352 voicemail
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