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    Hi there Thanks for the help, just wondering, the landlord came round 16th of May, viewed the property, told us everything was ok and got us to sign a new tenancy agreement. I understand about the one month's notice but he told us to vacate by the 13th of June he didn't even give us a week to try and sort payment out as he told us this on the 8th/9th so how can we give one months notice!? We didn't sign any inventory so its our word against his, which I understand, when it comes to what he claims are damages. the property minus wear and tear and a little mold on the ceiling in the bathroom was in almost exactly the same condition as we got it (very tired looking) It seems as though he is trying to get us to pay for the improvements to the flat! He originally asked for 2 months rent in his initial demand when I attempt to come to a comprimise over this he changed it to three months can he do this? It feels like he is trying to play 'hard ball' with me? Thanks
  2. JammyJim

    Back Rent

    I have recently had to move out of a flat I had been living in for 2 years. Originally there were 3 of us, then my flatmate's girlfriend left, leaving just 2. We had never had any problems with rent until about March when my flatmate got a new job. He was paid weekly and me monthly so Instead of me paying the rent every month he was going to do it when he saved up his wages, I paid him and continued as normal. I discovered one month ago that April and May's rent wasn't paid when the landlord asked for payment, My flatmate said he would pay before 13th June (we paid rent on the 16th of each month) The landlord stated that we either pay or leave. A few days before my flatmate left, I did not have the money to pay the rent again so I had to leave as well. He checked the property after we left and initially asked for two months rent and a month's notice, As he demanded we leave does that mean he cancelled the tenancy and do we owe a month's notice? Also our deposit was 1 1/2 month's rent which means we owe 1/2 a months rent. When I offered to pay the 1/2 months rent he turned round and stated that he made a mistake and that he wanted three months and months notice plus that we had trashed the flat, He had inspected the flat 4 weeks prior and stated that everything was ok! (no inventory was taken at the start or end of the tenancy) I do not know where my flatmate went and now the landlord is threatening me with legal action and asking for even more money can he do this as it seems that he is now just asking for even more, also as we left before our month's rent was due (we left 13th, rent due on 16th) do we owe for june as well. I would appreciate a little help as I always pay all my bills and having glowing references from all my previous landlords and this has got me really worked up!
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