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  1. I would suggest you let it unfurnished. As I also work as a freelance inventory clerk, I can see that there is much lessle hassle with tenant and less for you to worry about, the less there is for them to damage. Many tenants have their own funiture anyway if they are regular renters. If you find a very nice potential tenant with no furniture, who references have checked out, you could then rent some furniture from the nice person who replied before I did.
  2. I have recently set up an inventory service in the Hants/Surrey/Berkshire area. I am reasonably priced, offer a fast and efficient service to landlords and agents and work evenings and weekends. Need help keeping one step ahead of your tenant? been ripped of in the past as you did not have a valid inventory? Never used an inventory clerk before as it is an unnecessary expense? Give me a call and I shall be glad to explain more. Contact Karen on 01252 656779 or 07922 652815
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