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  1. Thanks all. landlord insurance - My current household insurance is with Aviva and I have contacted them already this morning. They do not cover 2 x adult couples, only families and single people. So, I have converted that policy to Tenants Contents Insurance and used it on the rented property I am moving into and got a refund for the difference, all very good there. So, I just need to get this place insured now from 5th February.
  2. I have 2 x adult couples moving into my property 05/02/16. Can anyone advise of insurance brokers to contact for Landlords Buildings Insurance please?
  3. Thank yo everyone. I am converting to a Permission to Let Mortgage.
  4. Thanks Richlist. I'll call tomorrow
  5. Thanks Melboy. I'm not purchasing another property, I am going into rented myself for at least a year to see if I like the area. Does that still consitute a BTL?
  6. I'm about to let my residential property out and rent a property in Brighton. I'm aware that I need to inform my mortgage company and request permission to let. Does this mean my mortgage interest rate will increase? Mortgage with Santander. many thanks
  7. No I didn't know and I do now, thank you RL. It won't quite pale the bad tenant into insignificance unfortunately but it will be a blow. Something to seriously consider.
  8. Thank you CR. All sound advice.
  9. I am seriously considering doing a Buy-to-Let on my property that I live in now and buy another property in Brighton to live. I had a horrendous experience with a previous tenant in another property and would like to ask what would you guys require as an absolute minimum for letting out your property? Guarantor, references, deposit etc. Many thanks
  10. I think so too, that will be 11/02/15 then. Yes well I have their deposit in DPS so want to get that for starters :-)
  11. Thanks COR. On the DPS claim form it says: I confirm that the Tenancy ended on: What date do I put in here? If it is the date they actually left I'm not 100% sure of that date as they left before the bailiffs went round. It would have been around the beginning of February that they actually left.
  12. I've got people in turning the property around for re-letting on 9th March. Once it is let out and I've got rent coming in again I will revisit the MCOL again. In the mean time I am making a single claim to get the deposit from DPS due to 4 months rent arrears. The question I have is where do I go to get the most reasonably priced Solicitor/Commissioner of Oaths/Magistrate to witness my claim form?
  13. The damp problem was identified and informed. Nothing was done.
  14. DPS - is it enough that he owes me 4 months rent to claim the deposit back for myself?
  15. What he's left isn't of any monetary value at all, really it's his rubbish. Lots of empty show boxes, old DVDs, an old printer, delapitated desk, lots of course work folders. There's a car in the car port that has been there for over a year. Nothing I would bother trying to sell. I Just need to get them out of the property as it will be let out again on March 9th. I might risk dumping them nearer the time. My AST doesn't state how long he's got to collect. The link above suggests 3 months. He hasn't complied to the AST at all, he didn't leave my keys, didn't stay for the check-out inventory. All the cutlery has gone, cupboard doors are broken with handles hanging off. Property all damp with mould due to insufficient ventilation in the property. I'm not sure if it's even worth going after the 4 months rent he owes me either now, it seems I pay for court action, he doesn't turn up and Im even more out of pocket. The principle of it that he hasn't paid annoys me but realistically, the law can't make him pay, or his ex wife who's on the lease. Really I'm just glad he's gone now. Are there any benefits from chasing the money knowing I won't get it?
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