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  1. Thank you for the above advice. I got everyone in building together and we all agreed that the RTM is the way forward. We also all refused to pay for the works and they have done and said nothing since. Thanks for the Leashold Advice link. We''l have to get our act together and take control to avoid these silly claims in future. Cheers, Mitch
  2. Hello, I am a leasehold owner of a flat. The management company sent out a notice of works to be done and a single quote for the cost. After making an objection I was told its not a legal reason so the works would go ahead. I have got together with the other owners and none of us see these works as justified and do not wish for them to go ahead at this time. We have now received letters threatening legal action if we do not pay for these works immediately (The works have not been carried out yet). We do not own the freehold, but do we just have to pay up? Surely as a group, the tenants can hold off these works until an agreement is reached, or until we can invoke the right to manage. The flats are new and the works are to repair something that has never worked from day 1! (Developer offers no warranty). Any advice on this would be most welcome. Cheers, Mitch
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