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  1. I concur with this advice. You are quite within your rights to ask who will be dealing with your matter and what qualifications and experience they have.
  2. That is very sensible as I have had a number of clients come to me who had used a firm that lacked the necessary specialist experience in this area and they had lost out significantly as a result. I recently had one horror story of a landlord client whose former solicitor had advised her not to allow a tenant back into the property on the date that the S.21 Notice expired! This led to a successful claim for illegal eviction and a £30,000 bill for the landlord. Thankfully, we made a successful professional negligence claim against the former solicitor and the client got their money back. But the stress and anguish caused by the whole experience was immeasurable. So, you are absolutely right to ensure from the outset that the firm does have the necessary experience.
  3. Many thanks for your comments, which I fully take on board. Absolutely, notices and proceedings should be acted on at the first possible opportunity as wasted time is lost rent. Thanks again for your contribution.
  4. Thank you for your response, which is very helpful. I can understand your position regarding fees entirely. We do have a fixed fee system currently so we shall continue to do so going forward. I agree with you, that face to face contact is not really necessary these days for these types of matters, but will do so if the client requires it. Thanks again for your input.
  5. We have acted for numerous landlords (and tenants) and we fully understand that landlords prefer to do as much as they can themselves in terms of handling legal problems and only spend money on a solicitor as a last resort. This makes perfect sense to us. We are looking to adapt our service to landlords and be as flexible as possible in what we offer, how we offer it and how much it will cost. We like to think we are forward-thinking as a firm and not stuck in stuffy lawyers' ways. The client has to come first always. It would be very interesting to find out what type of issues landlords need help with, be it drafting a tenancy agreement, issuing a valid Section 21 or Section 8 Notice, issuing possession proceedings (either Section 21 or Section 8 on various Grounds for Possession), rent arrears recovery, disrepair issues, deposit issues, general advice, etc. If you did need any of these services, how would you like to access them? Face to face with a solicitor, telephone, e-mail, or a completely online service (maybe a membership arrangement or a "pay-as-you-go" arrangement?) What would you feel is a reasonable price to pay for these services? Would you prefer to pay on an "as needed" basis for individual jobs or pay an annual fee to cover unlimited work over the year? What has your experience with solicitors been up until now? What was good about the service you have received? Any horror stories? How often would you say you need the services of a solicitor and what work do you require? What would your "wish list" be if you could design your own legal support service? Your answers to all or any of these questions would be greatly appreciated and will help us to develop a tailored service giving landlords exactly what they want with a flexible fee structure that is fair and which they can afford. Thank you to anyone who contributes to this topic.
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