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  1. Hi, 1 bed flat my daughter is renting was originally a 3 bed semi before conversion 20+ years ago. I have checked that they have separate chargeable dwellings order/title etc and they have. The council tax band is not being disputed (based on 1991 valuation) but the value of charge is. Band C for that area is £1676 pa. She is currently paying £2500+ pa. Her initial correspondence with the council has resulted in a letter back from the Valuation Office Agency saying its correct and only course of action is an appeal to the Valuation Office. On the assumption that both flats are paying the same (£2500 x 2) this must be some sort of council admin error originating from the conversion as over £5000k pa for a 3 bed semi is bonkers. Anyone got any experience of dealing with councils on such matters? For info. Full property in original unconverted state was valued at £55k in 1991 and circa 500k today.
  2. Thanks 'CarryonRegardless' didnt think HMRC would miss a trick unless Im operating as Google or Starbucks of course
  3. Hi All, just looking for some clarification on the treatment of the following items for upcoming 2016/17 tax year: Compensation to Landlord from Deposit - essentially to payment from T to LL for damage to property Rent & Legal Protection (RLP) - payment from insurance to cover non payment of rent to LL Not found anything on the HMRC websites so interested to know if these are exempt or attract income tax etc.
  4. Hi All, in the process of selling let A and one of the sticking points from purchasers solicitors was the lack of an Electrical Installation Certificate for some £300 of kitchen socket works carried out in 2015. The LA has not been able to obtain the retrospective documentation from a former contractor, or cant be arsed! Having learnt my lesson I have now requested the certificate for some works carried out (bathroom extractor) on let B only to receive the following response from the LA: No certification is required for the installation of an extractor fan, in electric terms an extractor fan is very minor works. We could provide you with a minor works certificate if required but this isn't something we'd normally do for this. Is the LA stringing me along or should all electrical works, however small, be certificated?
  5. Hi all, thought I would give you an update after choosing option 2 (Commence the rent and legal protection (RLP) claim and pursue the tenants for the arrears and hold them to the contract. ) Possession gained on the 15th August, no meaningful contact from tenants, rental insurance funds are still arriving. Just need to recover the value of the missing and damaged items from the deposit. I'm told the tenants have up to 90 days to respond to the proposed deductions (which they wont) which will be a ball ache.
  6. Hi all, thought I would provide an update as we opted for plan B. Insurance has paid out on the current rent arrears less excess. Fingers crossed inventory and possession follows next month without incident. Will report back in due course.
  7. LA issued abandonment notice 7 days ago to my tenant as communication had dried up. Tenant chirps up 1 day after the 6 month AST break clause to say due to ill health they have moved back to parents. Tenant is two months in arrears. LA has given us three options: 1. Agree to end the tenancy immediately and look for new tenants to commence a tenancy asap. 2 2. Commence the rent and legal protection (RLP) claim and pursue the tenants for the arrears and hold them to the contract. 3 3.. Agree an early release process with the tenants where a new tenant will take over. Outgoing tenant will also be liable for your set up cost for the new tenancy to commence (this will be pre-agreed with the current tenants) I have I have no experience of RLP insurance albeit im paying £16 pm for it. I have taken the option 3 route before but never only when the rent was up to date. Appreciate if there is anyone who seen this before and has a feel for the best way forward.
  8. Council have sent me a PCN as I didnt apply for change of use to HMO from Single dwelling (Class 3). Property has 7 students. What is my exposure?
  9. burremr


    Hi all, can a landlord make providing evidence of the utilities being fully cleared a condition of the deposit return. I have another landlord doing this but not sure if this is actually permitted under the registered deposit schemes. Are there other circumstances where it is allowed?
  10. Progress update. Outgoing tenants left, property clean & tidy, garden not so but nothing an afternoon didn't sort. New tenants in paying on time and nor reported issues (yet)! Thanks again.
  11. Thanks all, some valid points made and some issues I had not previousley considered. With the number of red flags have given notice and will report back on progress.
  12. Hi, property has been let to an unmarried couple with a child under 10 via an AST since Oct 14. Email from agent below makes me suspicious that this was planned in some way but I have no evidence this. Miss X will continue to work from home and receive partial HB plus other benefits as a single mother. Should I be concerned? Has anyone had any similar experiences? Your Tenants at xxxx have separated and have asked if Miss x can stay in the house with her daughter and Mr y be her Guarantor, as references were done x months ago we have advised that we will carry out our reference process again which they are happy to do. Are you happy for Mr y to come off the agreement and act as Guarantor providing that the references and credit check come back satisfactory? Adpro2
  13. Thanks for that Super Senior. On that basis an invoice from my regular qualified electrician will be evidence of me meeting my obligations?
  14. Hi, my agent is insisting I need both but I didn't think it was a legal requirement. House is 25 years old, not previously rented and with basic new white goods. I know its the Landlords responsibility to ensure the wiring etc is sound, which it is, but I'm reluctant to part with £120+ for a box ticking exercise to boost agent revenue. Is certification necessary?
  15. Hi, question re the level of detail one would expect from a letting agent, fully mangeing. Previous landlord reference appears on LA headed paper and although criteria is met (duration, prompt payment, no damage and would re let to tenants) only the ex landlords name and signature appears on this typed document. An earlier employment reference (from an unsuccesfull apllicant) was on the same basis, LA headed paper with just tick boxes checked. As a naturally suspeicius person should I be demanding to see the correspondence behind these corp letting documents or let the agent get on with it? Regards
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