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  1. hi, thanks for the reply. Its true he put me in difficult situation. There is some recording i have where he is saying that i am not going to give you deposit back. If i lose the case how much i have to suffered, rent amount + court fee?. anything else. In the court can the Magistrate or judge say to him about the swear of Holy Book so that he can' t lie in front of the Holy book. waiting for your reply. MANY THANKS
  2. Hi, I have left the flat within one month notice but my landlord not giving me my full deposit back. I moved in the flat march 2011 and left march 2012. He is saying u didn't clean the property properly, damage my property like carpet etc etc. I myself cleaned the property and there was no damage anywhere. When i moved in there was no inventory report and he didn't secure my deposit with any company. During shifting i lost my contract and i was paying the rent to him by cash every month. Flat was above the shop and he was running the down stair shop. First month i transfer the rent online in his account then he said no give me cash. He never gave me any rent receipt. I have only the pictures when i moved in and moved out, in the pictures its clearly showing that flat was very dirty when i moved in. I need help and advice that within how many days he should return me my deposit back?. I need the matter of the "Letter before action", i mean which wording should be mention in the letter?. Before go to court how many letters should i send to him?. It happened first time in my life, no experience before so please looking the quick and helpful response. Many thanks
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