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  1. Thanks, that's a no no then, as Grandpa says just increase the rent to a lower level of the course of the tenancy.
  2. Can I run this by you ? its concerning fees being passed on to the Landlord after 1 June. I am considering this, the normal rent pre 1 June would be £800 pcm , with the charges being passed on to us ( agents fees, check in /out inventory, cleaning, tenancy agreement, guarantor agreement etc ) I am considering adding 15% to the rent for the first 6 months making it £ 920 pcm after the initial 6 months when it goes periodic reverting to £ 800 pcm , thoughts please
  3. Yes, thanks I will wait until Mydeposits issue some sort of directive after June 19 and before June 20
  4. I register all my deposits with believe it or not Mydeposits , I always have taken 6 weeks deposit and the amount is then secured, if I have to return 1 weeks deposit after 1 June how do I alter the given amount secured from 6 weeks to 5 ?
  5. kerbut

    Very Slow Website

    Well at least its back, for the last 4 days its said it's having an upgrade
  6. kerbut

    Very Slow Website

    Yes, have noticed it also , Happy Christmas to us few that are on here !
  7. If tenants could open a window it would help, in one flat that had a problem as the Doctor tenant was from a rice eating (boiling ) country I fitted an Envirovent which cured any mould problems
  8. kerbut

    Attention seeking ?

    I will third it (if there is such a thing! )
  9. kerbut

    Attention seeking ?

    I think she should be talking to a Doctor, not a forum. I think its a wind up as her young children turn out to be 17 and 14 and she later goes on to say WE kept the deposit due to non-payment of rent.
  10. kerbut

    Attention seeking ?

    im suicial - ive jsut taken an overdose - ive got two children and im a single mum please can someone help me im on the verge of taking more talets - ive had a letter from a solicitor about deposit protection wanting an out of court settlement for over 4,000 when the tenant was in over 4,000 in arrears and left the property im at my wits end i really am - im a sinlge mum with two small children and it was all deal with by the estate agent and i have contacted them , i didnt deal with the deposit they did it all -Help
  11. kerbut

    Joint tenants one go one stay

    You have been given sound advice here, why do you have to ask the same question on another forum?
  12. kerbut

    Duty of care

    Riggers steel toe capped boots
  13. kerbut

    Duty of care

    And Cottom Traders Shoes !
  14. kerbut

    Selling my rentals

    When we were in Spain in April and May we rented for a week in Torrevieja and were very impressed with it, and decided after 14 years of owning near Malaga that's where we wanted to be, also found the Chinese Buffet to be good value @13 euro per couple including wine! . So if we don't buy there we will rent, my wife's preference is to rent for 3 months out of season. Edit to add: where we rented was called La Laguna and we overlooked the Bowls Club.
  15. kerbut

    Selling my rentals

    Yes RL , we are going to leave the money in Spain for the time being with a view to maybe buy near Torrevieja later or if not bring the money back and just do holiday rentals out of season.