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  1. Even when a flexible pipe has a stainless steel braid on the outside.
  2. Have you got Landlords Insurance ?, if so get in touch with your insurance company.
  3. If you have landlord insurance for the property you should be covered for rehousing/ hotel costs.
  4. Havent got a clue as all of us here are in the UK.
  5. I had to have a test today , the electrician ( well an employee) said it didn't conform , I pointed out his boss fitted the consumer unit last year and guess what?,it suddenly conformed.
  6. Well hopefully I can get a boiler and c/h fitted to replace the nightstore heaters in one flat , I am quite happy to pay 1/3rd.
  7. No problems here either , but what earlier on in the year looked very buoyant with our AirB&B / Booking.com holiday lets are now zilch.
  8. We have one empty at the moment as unfortunately the tenant of 12 years had a heart attack and died aged 42 , its all redecorated , new EPC and new bathroom fitted , its empty and can stay that way for a few months.
  9. Tried it yesterday with Dorset Council , there must be a few enquiring as they had a recorder message saying " No holiday "
  10. Nor EPC,s ,I had one done yesterday
  11. I dont know how long for ,but my son who now runs what was my International Transport business sent 12 trucks and trailers to France empty to collect supermarket wine , he said the rate had never been so good !
  12. Its getting that serious that I might have to get a Screwfix delivery of a lawnmower as our gardener has emailed (with his last bill) to say he cannot attend to this is over.
  13. Are your Airbnb and Booking.com bookings down ? I have noticed that ours have dropped considerably in the last 2 weeks, but a house that sleeps 8 in Weymouth is still getting bookings with Blue Chip
  14. All the Ebay sellers have upped their hand gel prices, my son and 2 partners run a company called Medisave , they sold 20000 face masks, 1000 hand gels and 600 packs of wipes last week and cant get any more .
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