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    Strange , I had 2 tenant changes during lock down , I managed to register the new deposits with Mydeposits no problem , but my PC hadn't caught C19
  2. Thanks for the comprhensive reply. Its left me a lot to think about..Making an inventory never crossed my mind. i wouldnt say its an executive property but a couple of people have said it should rent out at £800 so perhaps any prospective tenants would expect a few trimmings.. The garden will need some maintenace also, I suppose i could offer to cut the grass seeing as how its on the same block as me. My cheapest is £ 850 , all I supply is a hob and built in oven
  3. We have a Glowworm in our house I had fitted 30+years ago , the gas engineer said this will never wear out as it has a cast heat exchanger , the only thing it requires occasionally at service time is a thermocouple , our AGA needs one every service.
  4. We have always followed Richlist,s check list , but having a new tenant last month we went to our rent guarantee supplier and we normally paid £150/£200 they wanted £600 due to C19 , we declined and went for the guarantor only option.
  5. We have had 3 EPC,s done + 3 electrical certificates and 1 consumer unit change in the last 2 months.
  6. Yes correct , I made up an adapter to fit a top entry pan , the normal way for the system is a back entry but a 90 degree bend and a bit of plastic and silicone did the trick.
  7. The water goes directly to the WC coming out of the holes where the water comes out when you flush , glowing bowel !!
  8. Cistern with an integrated sink. Brand: GrandeSys
  9. On one of our holiday lets I opened up the old outside loo as the drain pipe was still there capped off( people requesting an additional loo), there was not enough room to fit a hand basin but from Amazon I bought a cistern with a hand washing facility built into the top , as the cistern fills the water flows out of the "tap", you wash your hands and the water exits via the pan
  10. Even when a flexible pipe has a stainless steel braid on the outside.
  11. Have you got Landlords Insurance ?, if so get in touch with your insurance company.
  12. If you have landlord insurance for the property you should be covered for rehousing/ hotel costs.
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