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  1. Rent to family or friends , the wont be family or friends for long. My daughter rang last week "Dad I have seen this lovely house , you wouldn't buy it and rent it back to us " ,reply was you are quite right I wouldn't.
  2. My wife's cousin is a staunch Labour man and before he retired was a shop steward at Britannia Insurance, when I spoke to him yesterday he told me he voted Conservative and intends to vote Conservative in future as he feels Brother Corbin has let him down and ruined the Labour party.
  3. Cant he get enough work in his own country ?
  4. Apart from Howsy,com, Openrent, Upad , the online letting agents +more
  5. I now have it written into Tenancy Agreements that the electric supplier is SSE and the gas supplier is British Gas and cant be changed without my permission (which I wont give )
  6. I know who I will be voting for tomorrow, milkshake down his suite or not.
  7. Off topic also, I have turned one of our properties into a holiday let, with good response in its first week of being on Blue Chip,s web site, our son has turned 6 of his properties in a South Coast seaside town into lets via. Bookings.com, airB&B and Trip Advisor, I am beginning to think this is the way to go and they are exempt from council tax ( only one) as they are a small business.
  8. I have a 2 ground floor bed flat empty at the moment, as we have 2 other holiday let properties locally and have cleaners and a weekly laundry service I have decided to furnish the flat and make it a holiday let, I have been thinking about it for a while what with tenant find fees being passed on to us but today's announcement and the proposals from Brother Corbin (if he gets in ) are frightening. To this end, I have today been in touch with Blue Chip to give me an appraisal to see if it will work, we use them for the other 2 holiday let properties, our son had 5 Airbnb /Booking. com flats that seem to get booked all year round.
  9. Ah but: With a population of over 519,000 people, Hamilton is one of the largest and most diverse cities in Canada
  10. The only Hamilton this side of the Atlantic I know of is Louis.
  11. I will use the (true) excuse my property insurance states working professional tenants only.
  12. Thanks, that's a no no then, as Grandpa says just increase the rent to a lower level of the course of the tenancy.
  13. Can I run this by you ? its concerning fees being passed on to the Landlord after 1 June. I am considering this, the normal rent pre 1 June would be £800 pcm , with the charges being passed on to us ( agents fees, check in /out inventory, cleaning, tenancy agreement, guarantor agreement etc ) I am considering adding 15% to the rent for the first 6 months making it £ 920 pcm after the initial 6 months when it goes periodic reverting to £ 800 pcm , thoughts please
  14. Yes, thanks I will wait until Mydeposits issue some sort of directive after June 19 and before June 20
  15. I register all my deposits with believe it or not Mydeposits , I always have taken 6 weeks deposit and the amount is then secured, if I have to return 1 weeks deposit after 1 June how do I alter the given amount secured from 6 weeks to 5 ?
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