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  1. Probably one of the reasons I would never buy to let. Or if so, I would make sure that my tenants get on well. Happy tenants, happy landlord. less stress if they feel home in their flats, they're less likely to move out on a yearly basis. The problems were known and the agents basically ignored my pleas to find someone who's not into parties and seeks quiet. Not that they are having parties, but their staying up 'til late and being rather inconsiderate throughout is what makes my life hell. I have parties from across the road, that's in the night once in a while and I have my earplugs. All fine. The stomping is what drives me mad and it can happen to keep up for up to 12 hours, constant moving around and dropping something that sounds like bricks, heavy stuff and everything shakes down hear. The glass in my iguana's vivarium rattles.
  2. I know. I'm just so annoyed because I didn't have the problems with three sets of guys. It's girls who started to become a problem. Problem is: there's always someone who doesn't know what respect is. Thank you, though. I hope I'll be better off with the next flat.
  3. Thank you, Richlist. Still shocked about the way tenants are treated. But yes, seems the only option for me: to move. Very sad, I loved this flat, but I just can't take it anymore. Some people (noisy neighbours) need a good clip around their ears. Seriously. The ones beforehand were even worse. Loud music and parties until the morning hours at the weekends. I'm fed up with those kind of people. I was 25 once, too, but I would have been mortified if someone would have been disturbed by me.
  4. That's actually shocking, I must say. I'm a tenant with noisy neighbours, Richlist, please dismiss my message. Really really shocking, that landlords say their tenants should bear it. They are paid by their tenands after all. Unbelievable. Really unbelievable. I wish every landlord who just shrugs the problems off, would have to live for two years straight with noisy neighbours, that might give them an idea how horrible it is. Sorry for the rant.
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