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  1. We built a place in Spain some 12 years ago, never thought id say this, but if Corbyn gets in, it may be time to sell up and move out there, I have always said that the UK is the best country in the world, maybe not so much now.
  2. What if he was to compulsory purchase second homes, where needed, at his price?, no shortage then
  3. Yes, how about buying land, keep for say 10 years then sell, very little maintenance, no property tax, try for additional planning, just a thought
  4. They contacted me again and said they are crunching numbers to see if they can get me 190k. Watch this space
  5. Hi Had meeting with investors, they are working on 10% so offered me £160k, are they being greedy, I thought 8% would be a good return, am I being unrealistic.
  6. Hi I tend not to increase rents until people move out, I know that's not always the best policy, but it works for me, and while I am still working earning a crust, I don't rock the boat. I don't charge that for any of my flats, maybe that's why they are always full. I suppose its down to what you paid for the or its value , hence return
  7. I don't spend any more on this property than I do on any of the others. If as I suspect they just value the property, not taking into account the rental return, then I wont sell. We shall see
  8. Got a meet with them next week, will let you know the outcome.
  9. Hi RL None of the above apply. Areas not the best, but not the worst either. Town center location They approached me with a view to me selling as they own property next door. I have owned the property approx. 25 years, always been rented, not had many if any void periods. I have 41 properties rented, never had a mortgage on any of them, have seven plots of land undeveloped with planning permission. Still on the tools.(loads of private work ) Approaching 65 so thought now may be a good time to sell as they approached me.
  10. Grade 2 listed building converted into 4 flats, 16k rent per year. Notts area. Would be very nice if they would offer 300k, but wont hold my breath. Must be big difference in property values between Notts and Essex
  11. Thanks RL , I was thinking they may offer me circa 200k, that would give them an 8% return.
  12. Hi to all This may have different answers. Been approached by a large property owning plc company to see if I am interested in selling a property I own adjacent to a building they have just purchased. It gives me a return of £16000 per year, now should I assess its value on a percentage return ( if so what is considered to be a healthy return) or estate agents property value. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi Had a call from one of my tenants, says she has seen vermin coming out of property next door. Which is unoccupied. I have informed the council. will that cover me under the duty of care as a landlord?
  14. Yes, but its a starting point, then you can add onto it up to the height you require, say,by using artificial box hedge. Yes you would require planning , but if its worth it in the end. Just a thought
  15. HI How many years has the fence been erected, I think its 10 years for lawfulness of use. Apply for lawfulness of use, they have to give it to you , you don't need planning consultant, forms are straight forward, you could as RL has said build inside your own boundary, but there may be a minimum distance in from the boundary, think it is 2m, this would reduce your amenity space, this would give you a physical boundary and legal boundary.
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