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  1. Hi to all. When i acquired my first property let some 40 years ago, i fully furnished plus all white goods, now if i do supply any white goods i tell the tenant they are responsible for breakdowns, also i agree with them an amount they can afford each month to purchase the white goods, then when they leave they can take them. Job done
  2. That's right, just don't be blinkered into thinking if you rent to professional people that they are any different to non professional working people, or is that just a chip on my shoulder.
  3. No, be careful, whether professional or not, my choices are made from experience over the years.
  4. The worst tenant by far that i let a property to some years ago was a professional accountant, there are a lot of non professionals out there earning more and happy to pay the rental agreed.
  5. I have had rental properties now for 40 years, never had rent guarantee, not saying its a bad thing, just not for me. I have in excess of 40 tenants, all good, no problems with any of them, all pay on time, look after the property. Not sure of cost of insurance, bet its not cheap. May be better to use that cost towards legal costs built into insurance policy.
  6. I now wish all my properties (41) were in my LTD
  7. Im with Rishlist on this, give the discount get the money
  8. Sell, then spend the money on your interests, women, wine and music
  9. hi, 10 of my rentals have now been tested and brought up to required standard, £100 for test plus we complete any works if required , thankfully not much needed.
  10. We all know as landlords that tenants only take what they want to take when they move out, leaving us to dispose of there unwanted items. Lets not kid ourselves, yes there are people in our society that need help, generally speaking tenants are clued up, in all of my years as a landlord, i have met some really nice tenants, but now and again you get the one who thinks the world owes them something, this girl in particular was nice, it was when the boyfriend was out of prison he would get her hooked on drugs, we helped her get sorted on a couple of occasions, but on the last occasion she simply disappeared, so in my opinion she had abandoned the property, after several months she turned up to see if her flat was still available, since heard that the boyfriend had od on drugs, lets hope that she gets sorted and goes on to live a normal and happy life.
  11. so richlist, how long would you allow a tenant to not pay rent, not make contact, and leave all her belongings in one of your properties, before you come to the conclusion that she has abandoned the property.
  12. Yes all her belongings were in the flat, but the fact remains that she stopped paying rent, made no effort to contact us, had not been seen at the flat in months, so in my opinion she had abandoned the flat, the fact that she choose to leave her belongings was her choice.
  13. Hi We had this year for the first time a tenant abandon a flat, we changed the lock, put notice on the door, waited a month, decided to do a complete refurb, took approx 4 weeks, just finished then she turned up asking where all her stuff had gone and wanted to move back into the flat, said due to covid she had been living with her mum, so, no contact for months, no rent, and she just expects to walk into a refurbished flat, the law needs to change, its to easy for these people to abuse the system and property then move on.
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