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  1. Hi, so my offer on a two bed house repossession has been accepted.......under the condition I conclude missives in ywo weeks with a date of entry approximately 4 weeks. My solicitor says this is not unusual for repossessions, but if I dont have the 'mortgage offer' by two weeks I would need to back out or incur costs. I dont see my credit history/rating being a problem and I have a good 25% deposit, but is it likely the bank will be able to fulfill this in the timescale and would the 'owner' really back out to find a new buyer if it cant come in on time? Any words of wisdom greatfully received.
  2. Thanks for your resonses. Always good for a chuckle! Despite being in the offers over system, ive been totally intrigued by the estate agents behaviour, She has been trying to put me off one of the properties and giving me mixed messages. They are both going under offer with a closing date next week, Cant wait til its over! I will take your advice and not get carried away with my offer.
  3. Hi, ive seen two repossessed properties and im hoping to secure one of them as a buy to let. Im wondering if anyone can give me the benefit of their wisdom in purchasing such a property. Good or bad experience. Both properties will go to an offers over situation when closing date is set.
  4. Thanks, yes im in Glasgow. My current agent hold the deposit. If I dump the agent I would want a deposit held as before. Ive heard theres new legislation to say that a third, independant body should hold this. Im comfortable with this idf that the case. Thanks for replies
  5. Ive had a great tenant in my property for over two years. My problem is the letting agent getting minor and major errors. E.g telling tenant she was in arrears (she wasnt), losing my gas cerificate I handed them (copy luckily) emailing me when a water leak occured (despite me asking for repairs to be notified to me by phone) , giving me misinformation about rental potential for a new property i'd hoped to buy to let. They took my complaints from last year and actually paid me my years fees back and gave me an agreement I can pull out of with no penalty. I have no faith in them and have had tenant in tears with their mismanagement and she suggests I dump the letting agent. If I did this, who would hold her deposit? Any advice on this scenario would be appreciated, Ann Glasgow
  6. cheers, thats helpful
  7. Hi, im new to forum and looking for advice. I have been considering buying a BTL property in the Glasgow East area near to where i live and work. I became an 'incidental' landlord as I retained a property I owned when I bought a new home with my partner. Seemed an ordeal at time to keep my old house, but it let out very quickly. Its a 2 bed mid terrace. I am considering remortgaging this house to buy a house/flat as the forthcoming Commonwealth games may boost the area. I intend it to be a 10-15 year investment. Any advice on whether the games will have a good/bad influence on BTL market in the long run? Thanks Ann
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