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  1. On the direct line blurb it says ‘ you need a reference for each tenant and each guarantor from a licensed referencing service before tenancy begins’ . When I took out the insurance I asked and they repeated this verbatim. I was hoping to ask any potential tenants to provide said references ( at their cost) if possible .
  2. Hi yes I did thanks Richlist. I took forums advice and have this cover with Direct Line and considering also asking for home owning guarantor . My impression from Direct Line though was that I had to have checks done
  3. I’m going to be advertising and renting out a property soon and I’m looking for some advice about credit checks. My stepson rented a house in another area recently and they asked him to produce copies of his credit reference checks, meaning he paid for these himself. Am I allowed to do this? I thought I would not be allowed to ‘charge’ tenants for processing such information -but if I ask them to go ahead them self is that ok? Also what credit check companies would you use?
  4. Hi, my current tenants move out 11th December giving me festive period to refresh paint and do any other wee jobs. I’m going to advertise the three bedroom terrace house on OpenRent as this gives me access to Rightmove, Zoopla etc. I can take the hit for a void period but would you see benefit in advertising early saying ‘coming soon’ or giving future date in January or just wait til it’s all ready to go before initiating advert? I’m wondering if having advert on early would give myself more time to screen potential tenants and give prospective tenant more time to plan the move? Worried if advert sits a while ( because I’m fussy) that would put people off ?
  5. Thanks again all for your valuable advice. Tenants can’t move in to their new home til December so im going to decorate over Xmas, then look for tenants in new year . Would rather wait a few weeks and select new tenant with care. My building insurance was only recently renewed but I was able to cancel as I discovered for only a very small amount more I could have rent guarantee insurance and extra legal cover with Directline. Will take my time and use the advice given to choose my tenants wisely.
  6. Thanks, helpful as always and much appreciated
  7. Hi, thanks for replies. I will look in to Direct Line as I’ve had them for other personal policies. A home owning guarantor Will definately be a must. Will I be able to find binding documentation for this online as I’m managing property myself?
  8. I have been letting out a house and managed it myself after some poor service from an agent. I’ve had great tenants with lots of help from this forum , thanks. Alas, they are moving on 😕and I’d like to tighten up a few things like having a guarantor and rent insurance for new tenants. Not sure how I go about getting necessary documentation for a guarantor or the process but would appreciate any advice. Also are there any companies recommended for insuring rent payment? Do they vet the tenant?
  9. adonaghy


    Hi, thanks for responses, I appreciate them. The property did appear to have a nest with wasps seen going out about 4 years ago. It was treated and brickwork sealed . As mentioned by Carry on Regardless , I’m of the impression they don’t return to same hive. I’ve spoke to tenant who says she’s seen a couple of wasps in garden of the neighbour, but none front or back of my house. I’m going to ignore Mrs Toxic now but happy she’s not in a position to claim I’m neglecting any of my duties.
  10. adonaghy


    Hi, II let a house and tenants have resided there over three years. The house sits central as a mid terrace with two flats on each side. The neighbour of one of the lower flats tells me that’s wasps are around front of house asking me to address this. Is this my responsibility to do this or tenants ? Neighbour who contacted me is the most toxic woman I’ve ever met so happy to get in touch with tenants to resolve problem but wondering what the ‘official’ stance is. I’m in Scotland
  11. Thanks Richlist, I’ve been paying tax through PAYE for the rental and haven’t had to employ an accountant. Would an accountant deal with this as an isolated transaction?
  12. I’m aware some members have disposed of some of their property recently and wonder if anyone can help with my query. I’m selling my daughter a house that was once our home for approx 7 years and let it out for 7 years. I’m aware I can claim letting relief and relief for the time it was my home. I’ve handed it over to my daughter and she’s improving the property over the next few weeks at her expense. I’m concerned now that as I’m not able to officially sell her it at a reduced price until my mortgage deal runs out on 1st October, She will have raised its value by then! Please can anyone tell me what proof of valuation the taxman will seek from me to substantiate my calculations. I’ve been told to go to an estate agent by a friend but surely they will inflate the price if they think I’m selling on open market or tell me to clear off when they know I’m not actually selling through them. Thanks in advance
  13. Being a landlord in Glasgow I had an experience of this although rent was still being paid. I called couple of prisons and one kindly told me which one to contact. Officer at prison agreed to have a messages passed to him and I received a call. Prison social worker was going to be my next step but wasn’t required. Tenant assured me he wanted to keep tenancy and payment continued.
  14. Thanks, I’ve typed letter and hope this clarifies situation with ex tenant and matter is resolved .
  15. I had a water escape at my rental property and discovered the tenants had their 88 year old mum staying with them from Canada ‘on an open ticket’. She was isolated alone in Canada, had a recent injury and was becoming confused. She’s a smoker. I was informed couple would like her to remain in UK and she’s registered locally now for medical treatment. To top that they were bringing another adult and three kids to stay for a three week holiday leaving this old lady in the property whilst they were sightseeing. All this informed in the middle of a crisis! Im now in disputes about rent money and they threaten court action. They left telling me they were leaving due to water damage, but house was habitable with heat, electric, water and no impact on bedrooms bathroom or kitchen. Truth is they departed due to me saying old lady can’t stay long term and they were in breech of their tenancy agreement having not asked permission. They left within a week with no written notice. Any advice? They say they will claim me for rent paid in advance as they left so quickly.
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