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  1. You really shouldn't be so judgmental. Ok tell me what I have done wrong here as this is similar to what normally happens. T moves in June 12. I submit AST to council June 12. They write to me with a bill for the full council tax off me as they have me as being liable. I again forward them the agreement in Nov 12 and stress the T is liable. This was within a few days after the letter. Last week I got a letter to say that they have taken me to court and £42 extra costs have been added. Now in this case the T has now moved on. They have lost out on 6 months council tax due to their stupidity/weak system. What have I done incorrectly?
  2. Did that. Council took me to court and sent Baliff's to my house for a tenant who moved out two years ago. Just because they couldn't get their act together they wanted me to pay the council tax. Sent numerous complaint letter and copied my MP into it. Never did I once get a reply. In the end had to pay a Accountant to send them proof of rent paid. They said no to everything else. Anyway back on topic.
  3. 1, Horrible horrible job. They will leave it for a year to chase a tenant for council tax and then send me the bill for it. Happens every month. 2. Their costs go up due to them being so overworked (maybe?) that it takes them 2 months to send a bill to a tenant. Most only stay for 6 months so the council doesn't even get its act together by the time they have left. 3. They don't pick up for free. They charge per van load and I booked one in last week earliest pick up they gave me was next Friday. If I empty a house it can be easily 4-5 van loads. So very expensive for rubbish collection. 4. Weekends..... Lol. 5. Rude and couldn't care attitude. It's amazing the service standards vary so much.
  4. Yeah apparently the Government has given them full rights to make changes as they want. This is very bad news for me at least as I don't like to be under pressure to rent and the 6 month unfurnished was ideal. Now we will be loosing rent and have council tax to pay which can be £150 a month on average. At any one time I have 4-5 places empty so that means a extra burden of £800 a month!
  5. At least mine is from April 1st Class C exemption will only be for one month instead of the 6 months you get right now. Pity as sometimes when you do a overhaul this is handy or even when you go a few months without a tenant this will get quite expensive for the LL's. Is your local council doing similar?
  6. Funnily enough the council called me a week back about one of the properties that is next to mine. Same situation. They wanna do 50/50 too! I will have to check.
  7. Ahh... Thats new! So I might bot be responsible for it? I will have a look.
  8. Need to fix a joint rear wall which is about to fall. We have agreed to 50/50 split on costs. The next door neighbor also wants to replace his back yard flagging which he claims was damaged due to the movement of the wall. Am I responsible for that too?
  9. Looks like I could claim A2 - Dwellings where structural alterations or major repairs have taken place (exempt for up to 12 months)
  10. Maybe I got a new operator but when I called my local authority they claimed a Class C exemption for empty and unfurnished is only for 6 months. Is this a different exemption that you mention?
  11. Have a house which I was stripping out and redoing but just haven't had the cash flow. Its been 6 months and now the council tax payments have started. It has nothing, no kitchen, no sink ,no car carpets, no bathrooms well you get the picture. Are there any council tax exemptions that I can claim?
  12. So are you saying that something like this could send a person to Jail? Illegal eviction I have heard of and that normally results in a fine. I know of people here who send the toughies around when they have problems and they haven't faced any bother for years. Not that I condone that behavior. I just feel you are over reacting by saying that the above case can result in Jail. End of the day it will be the police who weigh up the options and ask him to leave under the new act. Seriously though, you are saying that the courts will send a person to prison for something that there isn't even clear proof off. Are the courts that silly? I know of a LL who changed a T's locks while they were out due to unpaid rent. The T left and took his stuff to the council and the council told the LL that unless he let them back in they will prosecute. He said that he had left on his own right as he didn't pay his rent. No one had proof of anything the council did not do anything. Again please don't take this as a argument more of a healthy discussion where we are all learning from each other.
  13. Grampa most of my properties are in a not so nice part of town. Mostly all foreign students so not easy to get guarantor's.
  14. Can you advise how I would be legally wrong in this? What exactly can I be prosecuted for? I have not given him a rental AST verbally or written nether have we negotiated a cash sum or equivalent for his services. I am not trying to argue, just trying to learn.
  15. T's are staying on till Jan. This is in the North East. Cor are you saying that in the end its my responsibility ? Or are you saying that I should just get it done to avoid a fine this time around? Like I said its more or less clean now baring a few paint cans and black bags. Still the guy is aggressive. Pisses me off how they waste government resources to go after the wrong people.
  16. I wish I could afford to sponsor his rent for 6 months but I can't. Trust me I have seen them all and know that you don't win them all. BTW I am pursuing 4 section 8's right now. So don't think I look for the easy way out with all my T's. How could I face criminal damages on this one? What proof does he have to say I let this to him?
  17. T is still at property. If the T does not clean up then do I then have to call out then out? Problem is that they are students and I am sure their £500 deposit is all ready kaput. They have broken back double glazed window through footie, house inside needs new carpets and what not. Basically now my question is if T does not clean up then does it come down to me as being the next person responsible?
  18. Got a phone call from Environmental health that there was quite a bit of rubbish piled up in a back yard of one of my flats. I called it in through a rubbish collection agency even though it was not caused by me. The students were just too lazy to get rid of it. Anyway got a call again today that there were 3 cans of Paint and some black bags in the gated back yard. WTF is this guy on? Has he got that much spare time. Anyway so then he starts off that he wants to see the inside of the house as he is concerned about safety issues and emailed me across a entry notice. My response was feel free to mate I just finished off a 5k renovation on the flat. So my question is do I have to go and clean up my T's rubbish every week? Where does my liability start and end?
  19. I love the way you think! These T's don't play fair.
  20. How can I use a section 21 though when there is no stated tenancy in place? Do I just give him a 2 month notice to quit? Technically if you let a person in your house to paint and he says that he will work day and night to get it done is he a Tenant? That is what the agreement is. He has no proof that he painted the house as from what I can see from the window that was not done too. He is not a nice person to do this so I don't see why I should give him the benefit of the doubt.
  21. Thanks for your help. So I guess the general consensus is that he is not a T.
  22. Spoke with him and he says the he and his family have no where to go. Can't find another place to live but he is looking. I can see where this is going. What legal procedure would you suggest?
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