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  1. As if Rent Smart aren't enough for Welsh LL's to deal with. Any LL who steps out of line has a barrage of T protections coming his way these days, more so in Wales. Since students are generally socialist until they get a well paying job I guess their criticising of the capitalist LL is just a fact of life for us. We aren't allowed to victimise T's with such things as honest reviews, the media would enjoy themselves too much with such a thing.
  2. As Grampa, when rents are 8 weeks in arrear you are entitled to receive the Housing Benefit direct to you. From the point you make HB aware they will at least freeze payments till they decide on the correct outcome of their investigation. Very recently I rang to inform, they then requested my claim for the HB by email. All HB payments not yet paid to the tenant are now mine. This was actually 3 weeks of HB prior to my phone call. First call them, and with a little more leisure you can create you proof to head off the tenant defending. My proof is a rental statement alongside a comprehensive letter.
  3. I am unable to offer you advice that will be of comfort. As Grampa, you need good help here. I have a friend that was involved with M/cr council and their team to improve the housing standards. He was a manager. They take no prisoners. The tenant has cited a vulnerable occupant, this would cause the council to take a keen interest. I'm surprised they haven't been threatening you with notices to carry out repairs. Tbh, I don't see how you get the tenant out during this crisis, unless it is voluntary. and then where are they likely to find as an alternative home? Your expenses must be staggering by now, and your losses wow. The stress must be affecting your health. Each time you return to a solicitor both will be increased. Have you attempted to calculate the future 'likely' losses / expenses? You might come out better by offering a cash settlement, but in exchange for a surrender notice from the tenant 'once he and family are out'. Considering your story and the support for the tenant I would be careful that this has no legal come back.
  4. Yes I can see the online claim may well produce a result. It is dependant on the defendant being, perhaps, naive. I have enjoyed that advantage in the past and it is well worth consideration, thanks. An issue is that invariably in Prestatyn is that Shelter is prominent and convenient. Where they are aware that actual court action is unlikely the resulting advice becomes obvious. I could do with researching their availability locally (Rhyl) during this crisis. I would imagine that if I were to start a MCOL, and it is then defended, that come the time when courts are sitting again I would be somewhere in the queue for a hearing. Hopefully in their increased backlog and confusion the case wouldn't go astray, not unheard of in usual times. I've had a court experience (Rhyl) claiming from a G'tor in the past. Although defended the G'tor didn't offer anything of substance at the hearing, the judge effectively defended for him. I claiming over £1,600 was challenged with "why don't we call this £750?" "Why don't we call this £1,6--, that's the debt." Result the judge awarded £750, for no relative reason that I could discern. Payments at £20pm starting some 2 months ahead. I requested if the court would manage the receipt of payments, but this service that once was, was no more. But the claim had been delivered on, it was up to me to chase each payment. Guess how much I got.
  5. You will remember the guarantor option has always been my preference. Insurance has been suspect for a long time, and with the present crisis we read here that it is now w/o value. You can't carry out threats to g'tors if the courts are furloughed though. By the time this finds it's new normal, that is it settles at what ever level we find ourselves at the debts run up by T's will often be beyond their ability to recover from. The threat to g'tors will be something the courts will do all to avoid being a practised outcome. I am expecting T debts to be largely written off. Debts that existed prior to the crisis will be dissolved into the whole. The longer this goes on the more likely that will be the result. For a long time there has been a resistance to repossessions by LL's, this avoids social disruption and that must be an ever increasing priority during this crisis and for a period after. My issue in my particular example is that there isn't the common protection for those that submit a self assessment. True the Gov't can't get it right all the time but this is a glaring disparity. It will result in an increase in those taking the law into their own hands as the increased realisation is that there is no state policy for the many that feel they are being abused can fall back on. Just a little more that will be a reminder of the up yours to us LL's is that we will be paying toward the cost of the repayments in future, and I for one will be thinking it is a further example of the one way street I / we are travelling.
  6. Our T's are told that they can take a rent payment holiday of 3 months, the message was a little ambiguous but that is what those that prefer to see it as will read it as. So far I have the HB T's that are making it a battle for me to achieve the top up element of rent. One would be keeping the whole rent but at least I managed to get his HB redirected to me. Another who has suffered a 10% wage decrease has dropped his rent to me by 25.5%, regardless of any response I have made to that. The County Courts are furloughed, well I've not been unable to find specific info on specific courts so must assume that any I would hope to use for any hoped recovery of debt is unavailable for that purpose. Although historically I have learned that money spent on the County Court is wasted money. The Gov't announce that the self employed will get a grant of up to £7,500 initially and this may be extended. Those in receipt may still work and even take up new work. Very generous thinks me, and clearly this is to encourage, ambiguously, the principle of 'stay at home'. So it crossed my mind that my self assessment is completed not as self employed, but as revenues from Land and Property, hmmm, am I eligible? Well today I go online and it requests my specific id's and no I'm not. I am now expected to just sit and watch my revenues diminish and still pay out for all responsibilities. Stuff 'em, I'm returning to my usual business activities. I was happy to pay local tradesmen where needed, and avoid the travel of self with need for materials and refuelling. I could have even accepted the scabby git T's stealing my money where I might have been compensated as other traders seem to be. I can't carry out hands on activities from home, so I'm entitled. There may be some opportunity afforded me to remind these thieving little wuck fits that I want my money. At least the roads should be fairly quiet and the travelling more pleasant.
  7. The beach is a bit far for cabling to, I suppose I could put some pretty panels on the roof, or a turbine in the front parking area. Imagine the claims that the washing keeps going missing from my tenants though. "I thought it was a rotary drier". Just possibly our Gov't's will be a bit pre occupied for a while using our new taxes to pay the debt we are presently accruing though, and historically Wales uses the renewable 2nd homes of the English for their heating.
  8. I am charged between £45 and £80 for the annual gas cert. The number of appliances can make a difference, but in the lesser affluent areas the charge is usually less. To clarify, any and all works on gas are prohibited, even by the DIY'er in his own home? My view is that storage heating is naff. There is next to no control and the heat has often escaped by late afternoon on the colder days when the heating is wanted. The additional cost of a gas inspection would be more than paid for by the additional rent these properties can achieve. The dreaded flats have them, but still it's good enough for the majority that live there.
  9. A discussion on another, car, forum. My strong belief is that any interference affecting gas integrity w/o Gas Safe certification runs the risk of prosecution. Another believes it's ok if it's 'only' DIY.
  10. For the genuinely furloughed, 80% salary will mean a small saving in tax, for many that will mean no commute expenses, some will have bought season tickets so less of a saving, for all there is no booze, entertainment expenses, and clothing purchases will be near nowt. For a great many this will mean they have a greater untouched (disposable but on what I can't imagine during the crisis) income. It may be reasonable to sympathise with those on the front line, and their increased risk. What surprised me though is that the deaths of those, while being too many, are relatively low to what I would have expected. I wouldn't suggest for a moment that sympathy would be misplaced but why does he consider he is due such? The trouble there of course it's a delicate egg shell situation for a scabby landlord to venture into. I also have a tenant that advises me to take a mortgage holiday. My finances aren't his concern and he can keep his bloody nose out of 'em. But it's a fum duck that thinks that's the only expense we have in life and we should reorganise to give them an easy time.
  11. It's complicated nowadys, will diesels be priced off the road? My 2006 Vito is good for what I do, historically I tend to use my vehicles well, but self maintain them well. I would like a Viano for the longer journeys, but the more reliable 646 engine finished in 2010 and that attracts tax at £555. The Vito costs £140 tax p.a. and is a treat by comparison. The new 447 (post 2015) V Class is lovely, but I have trouble justifying that for my usage, and even saving at £200 tax (v's the post 2010 Viano at £325) would take some time to recoup. And then finding a Viano with honest mileage is very difficult, most are ex taxis with corrupted odometer. Mrs Me drives a Gr Cherokee, 14 miles a day. It's time to change that, and maybe a petrol Accord so as to avoid ULEZ if / when we take it to London (visiting the daughter in law +++). But we want toys and they are more plentiful in the diesel.
  12. I'm looking at replacing our motors, but think unless cheap it's better to wait.
  13. Consider one of these for the battery, I bought one for the boat, it never got used on that but has been useful here, and helped the boat batteries recover after going in to deep discharge with the pulse mode. 12V/24V Car Battery Charger Intelligent Automobile Pulse Repair Starter AGM/GEL | eBay
  14. Update on the personal side. My HB T's continue to pay as desired, all are now HB direct to me so it's the top ups from them I attempt to manage. Prestatyn house, I envisaged a middle aged couple being furloughed. He lost 10% of salary and informed me he would reduce rent by 25%+. I said too much, he did it anyway. I've 2 brothers share a house in Lancashire, I've expected them to genuinely need a reduction. I've always said I would nail their feet to the floorboards rather then see 'em leave, this being after a void of 18 months due to local talent being undesirable. I missed a call from them yesterday, expecting the worst I called back. "Sorry head office screwed up so rent will be late, on the 27th. Can I make it the 27th for the rest of the year." It's only £365pm but you won't believe what a difference that has made to my day, the drinks are on me peoples. In truth my mortgage payments have dropped some and it is fair compensation. I'm not counting the 80% due next month but that would be a healthy bonus. My strategy is to get as much in while I can, as I see possibilities of the revenues being hit much more than have been.
  15. No I'm no better with my transparent sphere either. Another little variable, where will local Gov't's be (an then the knock on to Westminster) as far as needing the private LL again. Totally correct that we will remain a tax target, as I think will be the case for most as it this repayment of the crisis has to come from somewhere.. There is already some short term debt amnesty in place, will this be extended or even be a legislated debt write off in some cases? I envisage tenant debt (to us) to be potentially written off if this continues for a long period, but how will that play out if lenders take the offensive against us, as in large scale repossessions? Do we get a knock on mortgage write off, partial perhaps (but not likely), total no chance. I read the Courts are in furlough, I imagine that to be the CC's. But the housing value collapse from that over supply of property hitting the market from repossessions isn't something Westminster would want. So do we become respected again? Certainly the way repossessions occur now is socially disruptive.
  16. For those with cash the opportunities are coming, imo. Since much of housing buoyancy is dependant on mortgage availabilities prices must fall, as I anticipate far less availability of those But as that means the property market becomes more dependant on revenues I think there needs to be a period allowed to see where all this ends up. Rent holidays might be more familiar than we would like and some bright spark was shouting on the media for all rents to be put on hold for the duration.
  17. Take a guarantor, and check the guarantor out to be sure they have assets to threaten in the event. As said I wouldn't want to accept a tenant I hadn't interviewed. But on this one you might consider the lost rents over time versus the likely losses from remaining w/o a tenant. There will be o/h's of remaining mt. While a tenant might take the payment holiday the debt accrues. Any guarantor should then be liable. A tenant might view you as a deserving target and 'do one' in a few months, but it's far less likely they would do that to a guarantor.
  18. There has actually been a bit more of this and that recently. As for TV, no one would accept it as it's all too far fetched. If I woke up from this night are I wouldn't believe it. I pity the new owner of Flat 5, she is learning and it's going to be a hard time as she does. Today she learns the police will pat her on the head (as I did), while not being any sort of deterant. As we reach the end of this crisis I'll 'attempt' to persuade the court to evict one, as a n example. Which one? There's so many to choose from.
  19. A recap. Block of 6 flats, I have 5. The sixth was repossessed from the abusive owner occupier last year, and bought by a LL wannabe who now regrets this some what, even before today. So earlier this pm I get a call from the new owner of Flat 5. Today she attends the fully renovated flat to allow her new T to move in. During this crisis she has done well to get thus far, and he is present with a van and belongings. The lady informs me that her new front door has been trashed by one of my T's (Flat 1) over the previous w/e. This it transpires was Sunday eve, but this is the first I hear of this. I now hear that Flat 4 has had a fire. First it was a chip pan, then a pizza box in't oven, but apparently it was oven chips left in for too long and ignited in the oven. Oven gets opened and smoke is seen by neighbours from open windows who panic running around shouting "everyone out there's a fire". Mr Flat 1 feels it's appropriate to kick in the door of Flat 5 to rescue nobody as it's empty. No curtains, no lights, no brain cells. Even if Flat 4 incinerated itself there would be no risk to Flat 5 as its a level down (heat rises) and not ajoining. Said T of Flat 4 has been a bloody nuisance of late. Last September Mr Plod (and colleagues) bashed in the front door 'cos he had been accused of throwing the previous owner occupier of Flat 5 through his own window. Arrested and released under Police bail after 3 days, never charged (but it seems v likely he did do it). He lost his local taxi licence, got depressed, put on medication, and sinks into an abyss, then licenced removed on medical grounds. So not much of a future for that one. In January the Flat 4 front door was bashed in by a hammer wielding chap(ess) in a dress. "Because I ruffled his (her) hair at a party" was the explanation. Not enough evidence so no charge of criminal damage, I'm used to such local police lack of response. Because I'm attempting to get arrears of rent from Flat 4 I'm a bully. Because I've now applied for his HB to be redirected to me I'm even worse. Last year Daddy G'tor paid me near on £800, so that's the route I'm taking for recovery again. Flat 1 is under a pointless threat of eviction due to arrears and disturbing the peace of 'er above by arguing with his girlfriend. Truth is I don't really want his flat back, or any other come to that. That would just leave me with repairs to do and a void that isn't desirable, now more than ever. Oh, a later call and the new lady of Flat 5 informs me the 'fire' was Sunday the 29th, 9 days ago, and no one thinks to inform her or me even though there have been other communications with Flat 3, Flat 4 and Flat 6. Go on see who can better that little lot.
  20. I have sent a letter to some of my T's, and their g'tors. The same later will go out to the other T's closer to rent due date. I have said that where a T feels a need to reduce rent payments they should make me aware so we can discuss. I have pointed out that for many their finances won't change so a reduction isn't reasonable. I have pointed out that rents are and will still be due and non payment would likely cause an arrears situation that may also incur additional charges. At some point all monies due will be claimed. It states that T's believing this is just cause to enjoy a bonus are wrong. I am however hopeful that I can afford to be sympathetic to those with genuine need, and I am sincere with that. Should this 80% 'tax rebate' actually occur in June then I feel that can be used to help those T's in genuine need of a rent holiday. But as RL 'some' payment from said T's is also reasonable. The repossession is now stretched out to 3 months notice, still ambiguous but BJ said protection is in place for 'no fault' evictions. But beyond all that I see no point in spending my money on a court application to even 'attempt' to hoof a T, when I don't see much possibility of achieving a replacement. Will potential T's respond to an advert, will it be considered an essential journey for the viewing/s, will I find it easy to do any works in preparation for a new T, I become liable for council tax, water, and electric and the insurance may become void, will a new T be any better or just take the p from day one anyway. My thoughts are to consider the cons of each case and work it to best outcome. Hoofing is most definitely the last resort but I anticipate taking one or two to County Court to claim the debt. Will the Court sit or even have a sympathetic interest (if it gets that far), I doubt it.
  21. RL I'm pretty sure that many of those in possession of my 'assets' would screw up your management structure, in a style of 'de'struct.
  22. A lot of pain for a lot of people. How long can the Gov't give 80% aid to so many? If it actually is aid. The 80% of salary is a loan I read, so a future problem for the employer to repay if the banks do actually provide it. The self employed wait till June, so it's a promise we've yet to see delivered. In theory 80% support to the economy, ignoring the fact it must come from and go back somewhere, should keep the economy in fair condition. Many wouldn't actually be skint so can still spend. With such a slow down due to the lockdown spending requirements are less anyway, far less commute costs, near non existent entertainment costs, mortgage holidays are only a deferral but still help. When the lockdown eases there will be a need for things to be made and the capitalist state of things will take time but will recover. Much like my losing my portfolio, the properties will still be lived in by people so the overall is much the same. There will be a new balance of sorts and in similar fashion to any reduction of oldies due to this virus it may be the younger that adapt and become the new entrepreneurs. Early days and tbh our own finances may be less significant as time passes. They can't be ignored though and I see the fluidity of cash being a great advantage, assets soon become burdens.
  23. The gate sales may be peoples anticipating moneyless and hungry others looking for what the better off might have.
  24. By the time the expats get back, if they can as part of the £175 million put up, will we be where Italy and Spain were? My step daughter is back with us again. Her escape from London might well prove to be much safer. Certainly the risks there look to be higher due to the increased population density. I'm still gardening but I'm having trouble finding what to do with the savaged foliage. I've a steps and wall to build on one side of the house, but my cement stocks won't last long. In truth I could spend many weeks an quids creating walls, steps and paths in the rear garden, and then the front. Maybe a mass delivery of materials will be possible??? There are a good few jobs inside from Thursday when our forecast says that'll be better.
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