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  1. Some years ago I installed a Heatmiser system for the CH. In truth it's not all Heatmiser as the zone valves are Danfoss, but you get my drift. While we can go around adjusting TRV's with laziness and forgetfulness it doesn't really happen. So the saving is that while, for example, I'm alone and working in the office that's the only room heated. All stats are set to switch down (as with programmables they're never really off) at least a couple of times late evening. If we get cool, in say the lounge, switch back up and the next down will catch it when we're off to bed. Selective zones pre warm in the mornings. I've stayed away from wireless systems as with a bit of hard wiring what as I see as extra nuisance is avoided. I just used 6 core alarm cable to each stat and that's good for 12v supply, switching and network comms. I have 2 wiring centres, each 8 zone. The reason is to separate the CH from what I, one day, intend to be a light control. So the Heatmiser central control can timer operate security lights and even some table lamps to make the place look active when it's not. I have considered the remote access via the net but really when I'm away forgetting as much as I've left behind is desirable, lazily adjusting comfort levels from a smart phone, as a remote, might be nice. The stat isn't that far way though.
  2. The Kremlin have raised an objection to the way our Election was run. They can't understand why Putin didn't win.
  3. Less than half, of the voters,,,,, last time. The SIP (Scottish Independence Party) will be at it again soon even though they said the last one was a one off. Now you can stop harassing your T's to vote Tory RL. Truth is I don't trust Camaroon with total power, I would have preferred the Lib / Dem's to have some moderating influence. But still, better than Labour getting in.
  4. Not without a strong voice of opposition anyway. I see that we will continue to be a target for each politician that wants to gain a few browny points with the masses. Just look at Millibrains latest attempt to gain votes, successful or not it's still at our cost. I became anti union back in the 80's when I saw their destructive style but there is a valid purpose for them if managed with good ethics. So why do the RLA fail to fail to effect reversal of biased gov't attempts? Would they be better and stronger if more, like me, swelled their membership? Do we have other and better options? Is it time for a new LL's group to speak out / cause action in defence?
  5. That's a lot of power should there be a real united effort to challenge legislation.
  6. Sales tactics. They would tell lies about their Grandma if it would sell, so I guess as a Grampa you become fair game. As usual they show gross and ignore the o/h's, losses, hassle........ I wonder if these figures show reclaims from a LL when HB believe the claim was incorrect. The next is to show how the living conditions of these poor claimants is dire and 'all' because the LL's take all the money and keep it for their big yachts. Never any mention of a T's lifestyle and abuse. I assume these figures are the direct payments made to A's and LL's and of course no mention of the 2 months lost before these payments can be diverted. I typed in Denbighshire, that was nearly interesting. Manchester was even more surprising, as a Labour council you would think they would be keen to slag the capitalist, lazy gits.
  7. I hadn't considered that one Grampa. If any LL's do actually vote Labour this could well lose 'em. So if they can't understand that a greater minus than a positive = a minus how can we trust them with our economy?
  8. I think the renters who don't have the intelligence to see the flaws in this proposal will already vote for him, or UKIP. Those that understand better won't see the advantages that aren't there anyway. At least with the present fixed period it works both ways. Some how he sees it reasonable that we are tied for 2 1/2 years and they are only tied for a month, any repossession attempt would be at the discretion of a judge and we know what that means.
  9. Your Spanish beats mine by a long way Mel. Living in Buxton we are very close to the point of this island that is furthest from the sea in any direction. The local duck pond I sail on is 3 miles away, I'll be there soon. Last w/e I was racing attempting to race a Laser 4000 on Rutland water, the w/e before we were sailing our Stratos at Falmouth. It's become a bit of a passion and certainly beats the cr*p I get from T's.
  10. Take up sailing Mel, it keeps me so busy I've little time for properties. Mind I am converting a Vito to a camper van, for those sailing week ends. And then there's the wind surfing. I was hoping to learn kite surfing this year but with the day skipper courses and wanting to learn Spanish I don't think there will be time.
  11. Why more controls anyway. T's have choice to pay or not to pay, as do LL's with A's. If we desire we can offer a longer tenancy and a tenant can negotiate a longer tenancy already, well try anyway. While we would be held in for 3 years I can't imagine a court holding an absconding T to his 2 years + of rents when he has relocated. Once again though we would be expected to suffer the losses of a T who abuses and stops paying until we eventually hoof 'em. Grampa your thoughts of giving incentive to a T accepting a lesser length of tenancy would surely go against legislation and fail come court time.
  12. No disagreement with any of that Mel. For the SNP to have any say in south of the border politics goes against the grain, but as we are supposedly a democracy and they are not yet independent how can they be denied a voice in Britain. I don't want or believe Labour have credibility to run things down here, and SNP should really only have power up there. But as yet we are together. Truth is I don't really want the liddle 'ole UK to become divided but do respect 'less than a majority' opinion on wanting it. Back in Maggie's day I think the response to independence would have been "no we are the United Kingdom, vote all you want but you will not have it". I just wish we could get rid of Westminster. Would it achieve £4.3 Billion at disposal? Not to the Americans though eh.
  13. Enemy within? Historically the Scots have been fairly resilient to "actions against them" and for sure would cause them to unite against us Sassanachs. We might even have to offer lands for some to defect. While up there last year I concluded that I couldn't blame them for wishing to depart from the corruptions of Westminster as given the chance I would do the same. Late one evening some locals apologised for discussing the referendum within our earshot, so I entered into a conversation. No aggression, as I might have expected, they were happy to listen to alternative views. Actually my views became more sympathetic, I'm still unsure of how to quantify what might be due, either way, should they go it alone (in some fantasy true independence might be feasible). Anyway as their James became our King, shouldn't it be us that might seek independence?
  14. "In the UK you think you have a democracy and are unhappy with it. In Russia we know we don't have a democracy and are happy with it." Vadim Gustov 2013, while visiting UK. It made me smile anyway as I couldn't disagree.
  15. Very true. Maybe it's time to rent my home out and take a housing association house, for a while. One way of recouping my tax when I sell it or rent it out.
  16. A greater concern for me is a mandatory 36 month AST. An abusing T can't be hoofed on a S21 during the fixed term. Often the S21 is the best way to get shut of an abuser as there is so much discretion with a S8. So if the problems are in the latter part of a fixed period I will take the S21 route that has no (nowadays less at any rate) risk of failure. My thoughts for a while is that with ever increasing legislation controlling our business is that we are close to becoming no more than social LL's, running the business for the state. This would be even more of that dictator style control. I believe the increased losses for me would be more than the business could bear. A non paying T with ridiculous defences raised by Shelter would only get evicted at the discretion of a socialist minded County Court judge, and after I had paid for the 'service' too. But how do you feel about funding the Tory right to buy proposal. As tax payers we must end up paying the housing associations the difference between the discount sale price and the market value. They also state that each property sold will mean one built, paid for by us again. I don't for one minute believe this funding will come from the sale of the high value council properties, mind how much is No 10 worth? All money raised will be used many times over to fulfill just a few of the manifesto promises, and as usual they will be off to get more loans to be paid off.....never.
  17. Well I have said previously that they won't see my vote. What Labour run councils have done with the like of selective licencing just demonstrates their desire to take from those they perceive as having dosh with no perceived benefit I can see. I view that another coalition as we have had for 5 years is possibly the best result, I wouldn't trust Tories without some moderating influence. But as I want a true referendum on Europe I'll likely give my vote to UKIP in hope they may get enough strength to push for it. I wouldn't trust them with real power though as it looks like they're attracting too many extremists and nut jobs. If the masses with a fair referendum prefer to stay in Europe then no problem, after all we do have a democracy pretend democracy.
  18. Bit much threatening to fine your T's for voting Labour RL.
  19. If honest I feel you go too far in your effort to appease. Yes invite them to deal with the Environmental Health, a record of events is always good. As you are no expert in the maters of noise insulation perhaps they should find their own solutions. If the Environmental Health feel that a contribution of effort from you is appropriate then they can say so. Maybe they may even act as a style of mediation here and that would have greater purpose than you bending over and it being considered that you didn't bend far enough. First I suggest it needs to be established who has a 'reasonable' liability here, rather than a legal liability as that one can be much more difficult. If the Environmental Health express your willingness to contribute toward a solution and that isn't good enough then stuff 'em.
  20. If the downstairs are harassing your T's they are the problem. Over 10 years they could easily have gone to the Environmental Health Dept with their complaint/s. By now the answer would have been found and probably would have been for them to learn to live with and tolerate other people. After all they can't reasonably expect your property to be empty because they don't like people in there. My thoughts are to invite them to involve the Environmental Health Officer, and ring him yourself to make contact easy for him. Tell them downstairs that if they cause harassment they will be reported to the Police (for what it's worth). With good records of events kept by yourself you may also have options to sue for your losses and to pursue a section 82 claim against them. It's hard to believe that most of your T's are so unreasonable, but I suppose it is possible.
  21. In my case the T was a Professor of eastern language at Manchester Uni. He could have simply said "speak to the owner".
  22. A year to change the law | Shelter blog So it would seem come October that any S21 must be used for repossession within 6 months, I hope that the 6 month cut off will be the date an application is made to the court for repossession.
  23. From 6th April 2015 you will no longer have to worry which S21 to serve there will be just 1. The expiry date is 2 months after service, no longer the last day of a tenancy period. To reduce chance of confusion with the court I would use the new S21 notice, although my basic search hasn't found it yet, anyone ?
  24. I sort of agree. Our local council sent a tradesman who bullied my t to gain access to the flat. He then removed my perfectly good smoke detector to install a new one 12 inches away on the same ceiling. Two holes left from screws for me to repair. Totally pointless, but I rolled with it as it was easier to repair than take the effort to complain. Mind the tradesman gets paid for the waste, I get charged for maintenance- result I'm taxed again but the tax is wasted.
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