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  1. I can understand the desire for a T to have stability, and soon enough we may have no choice anyway. Legislation (or perhaps only Shelter) seems to be pushing that way. But, I won't entertain it until I have to. If a T has employment issues the result is fairly obvious and in these times that risk is higher.
  2. I've still to read further and gain some sort of definitive opinion. If a Sparky says it isn't up to standard, well which standard? The standard in place at the time of install or the current standard, the 18th Edition? A Sparky might say it's not up to him to research archive standards and he then decides his interpretation stands. The only defence of that is to request the specific regulation and challenge it. I am reading a general opinion that not all circuits require RCB protection. This is the view I took many years ago and would install split load consumers. Essentially the design was for the lights not to go out with the rest of the installation due to a faulty item being plugged in. RCBO's take care of that concern, so they are my new preference. That adds to the expense. A common view is that consumers of flammable material need be changed for non flammable. It's early days and all this seemingly (until I've read more) is open to interpretations. Assuming the installation is in good order the cheapest way to protect all is to have an RCCB installed either as a replacement for the main isolator, or in line to it. Even old rewireable fuses can be swapped out for cartridge fuses. If you are able to obtain the replacement carriers. Next to be cautious of is the inspecting Sparky using a 500 volt Mega to test the insulation. If there are electronic components in circuit it might fry them. An industrial Sparky may even use a 1,000 volt Mega. Low voltage Mega's are available. Mega being a generic term for insulation tester that applies voltage to a circuit to test the integrity.
  3. Thanks for the heads up on the expected increase in cost of upgrade. I gave up trying to be up to date on electrical regs a few years ago, and it'll be interesting to learn what the upgrade requirement will be. It looks like I'll be spending a bit of time on electricians forums where there will be chat on this. An upgrade of the consumer unit (fuse board) is going to include RCCB protection (earth leakage), rewireable fuses will be history, although cartridge fuses do have advantage over breakers. The earth leakage ideally would be in the form of RCBO's that provide independent protection for each circuit, but that is more costly than the one RCCB that protects the whole installation. Of course an RCCB trip means everything goes black, so less convenient. Time for me to catch up. I've no problem swapping out the consumers myself, and a later inspection would certify my work. My overall inspection of the installation would be more involved than the sparkies anyway.
  4. The update. 10am this morning the door chappies were on site. They have lowered the whole. Photo's from the council show the clearance to be approx 150mm. As the council are arranging for a re inspection, to my mind, if the inspector is happy with that then I have no issue. Should a future inspector measure and find the clearance unacceptable then there is a cause to return the problem to the council. With a application of a little common sense I would say a happy result, pending the gas inspection. 😉 Stay safe 😷 to avoid 🤧 and feel free to give one of these the clap tomorrow night👩‍⚕️
  5. Tbh I haven't measured the clearance to the old door frame, but in 11 years it wasn't picked up on. Even from the 1st conversation there wasn't any challenge to my assertion that they had caused the issue. Of course that was site unseen or inspected by them.
  6. As the flu is in contact with the box section there isn't the clearance of 300mm as required by the regs. The gas guy has written it up as dangerous and for the boiler not to be used. You can't argue with the infringement of the regs. What may or may not be debatable is the notice citing it as dangerous. No mater if this sort of goes away tomorrow it is relevant to us in understanding a bit more, as it could be a situation (or similar) we might encounter. RL, I missed your earlier post. Yes a promise of positive action. A promise of recompense. The councillor has emailed 2 relevant persons and replied to me twice. Sorry I don't use LOL or imogies much.
  7. A good tradesman is worth looking after Mel. I'm not sure if the gas engineer might have exaggerated the danger on the 2nd cert to assist in my getting action. If that's so his intelligence is questionable. So back to the real matter here, where is the danger of the flu being in contact with the galvanised boxing below it? The flu has been sticking out of the wall for 11 years, now it has a steel plate below it. Not restricted, no fire hazard, and in truth a birdie could create a nest in any flu hence the inspection of it. Where is the danger, I'm not seeing it?
  8. As said, the only winners. You assume the council will accept liability and not express a view that the 2nd cert is ott. Not my fault if so but my liability. Whenever we go to a solicitor we are tasked with providing the required information. Then we are tasked with responding to the response. If it escalates and the vultures seem to have incentive for this, there will be a need for witness statements, and responses. They all play a loverly game and congratulate themselves on the outcome. What do I get, the chance to spend more time giving them work. It seems my non urgent message got through to the original lass. She tells me their gas inspection lot have issue as I'm not on their system, as it's not a council property. Bit of a red tape jobsworth pointless response there methinks. So she has contacted the door company and told them if nowt else to remove the door, tomorrow. She didn't realise that she has confessed to only acting on this yesterday. Then I will need another inspection, the council will credit me, apparently. If the councillor is a bit busy I might well ask him why come next election. But he's Tory so would I want to discredit him publicly?
  9. The email failed, I can't be sure but it maybe that it rejects outsiders?? Council offices are closed so no point in posting there. They have an internal reporting system for non urgent matters, so I've used it. So I've emailed the local councillor. Let's see if he can kick some butt.
  10. Aye, it's the prospect of drawn out legal battles that don't appeal. No one wins but the vultures. I'm waiting for a return call from the gas engineer to understand if there is a danger I don't see as yet. A birds nest wouldn't be an immediate threat. The council rang responding to my earlier call, of course a different person. She needs to refer to her line manager, the lass I spoke to last week. But at least I have an email address to send my report / complaint to. I will be called and updated later. I was hoping to avoid this but have informed the tenants, and offered to research alternative accommodation. They are preferring for me to not enter the flat to disable the boiler and will use it sparingly and isolate each night. I have no right of access and the gas engineer didn't disable and post the notice the 2nd cert says had been done. While I'm attempting to resolve this my passing the responsibility where possible is difficult to deny. It is tempting to unbolt and remove the bl**dy door.
  11. I'm fairly confident that 2 bends are ok. My concern was one of their contractors seeing the easy solution of adding another that might have been one too many. Yes the fault is theirs. Their contractor might be reasonably expected to not understand the gas regs as he installed the new door, but that is not my concern. It is wrong and they have cause it. This of course assume that my Gassafe engineer is correct, otherwise I might be threatening without good cause as I'm responsible for those I contract. Hence my wondering if the certificate creating condemning use of the boiler is ott. At inspection the engineer didn't condemn anything, but left to check later having already provided me with an effective pass cert. He posted a cert condemning the use and has actually lied about saying(on the cert) he had posted a notice, he hadn't. His certificate confusion doesn't change the fact it may be dangerous. It also doesn't let me off if something goes wrong, as unlikely as that seems to me, the unqualified. In the extreme I could relocate the T's to a hotel. Especially in these times they may decline such a kind offer. Then there is the recovery of costs. Against the council for their screw up. Or against the engineer for inappropriate action with a cert that may be ott. Neither prospect are appealing.
  12. I own 1 flat in a council owned block. Very local, not Wales for a change. The boiler was installed maybe 2008/9, flu up out the top a few inches goes through its own wall at 90 degrees through into an internal bin store. It then turns 90 degrees and through the external wall of the bin store to a court yard of sorts. It was above wooden doors that would flap in the wind as no one would close them. The council at some time in the last 12 months have installed roller door that buts up to the flu. The flu is in contact with the galvanised box of the roller. A couple of weeks ago I met the Corgi chap for the gas inspection. concerned about the proximity to the flu he wanted to check the regs later. He left having provided me with a certificate that made mo mention of concerns, but had mentioned the possibility of bird nest type scenario. He posted a new certificate with his invoice. The new cert states the installation to be dangerous and that he had applied a 'Do not use, dangerous' notice on the boiler. Clearly attempting to cover his ass but while presenting me with a problem I would think this leaves him at risk as he had not. I've made contact with the Council 'compliance'. The lady, working from home assured me that this would be inspected and acted on, we agreed for her gas inspector to contact me , to meet,and facilitate access to the flat should flu redesign be appropriate. Being as the number of bends can be critical so inspector should see what is. There has been no communication from the council, or their agents. The T's aren't aware of any attention and none is apparent outside. In the event insurance is a concern, while arranged by the council they might not view a claim sympathetically considering the certificate. Then there is my responsibility, should the boiler be inhibited, which effectively would mean rehousing the good T's? While I consider risks to be minimal and the cert to be ott I'm not qualified so my risk assessment has no value. Time to go to print and record the situation with the council, but in the mean time what is the correct course of action? I have considered contacting the insurance, via the council, to enquire about their providing alternative accommodation till the situation is rectified.
  13. Why I don't sell and leave 'em to it. In 2007 the valuation was £78K per flat. I remortgaged in anticipation of a few years of slump. The one flat I didn't own sold for £43K a few months ago. That has set the low value for some time yet, and that before Covid. I would need to fund any sale by around £25K per flat. So why sell anyway while there is still some revenue? The revenue, of course, is under continual attack. So anticipating a tipping point is reasonable. What is possibly more scary is the increased responsibility that gives increasing criminal responsibility threat against me for T activity. The Rent Smart Wales course to qualify for registration is flippin' scary with its many threats of fines and even custodial penalties. And remember ignorance is never an excuse. I have considered that Boris must be laughing his titties off at what the other nations are doing with the devolved power they can't handle. If they do anything successful he can adapt and adopt, they are experimenting, he waits for results. Where they F' up he points out how, and gains election advantage. Wait for the devolved nations to claim additional monies due to Covid. BJ must be considering his responses already.
  14. Ah well, my experience is that the courts are socialist in result. Consider, I / we claim from the underdog /s (reasons irrelevant to Court), there is no real social advantage to awarding reasonable, if any, effective penalties against the T or G;tor. Although if the G'tor has a more healthy economic situation maybe, but try to demonstrate that w/o looking like an unreasonable type of claimant. We are considered to be enjoying easy extra monies from property, and must accept risk as apart of the business we are in. Our need is less. Penalise the T and he sees less reason to try for a future. We have gone so far w/o the funds and can even afford to find more to make claim. We have managed to reach that point so we should find it easier than the T to manage a future w/o the claimed monies. Clearly, even before Covid, there was a state direction to defer and even prevent repossessions. Such only gives greater problems for the state, repossession isn't an attractive result. LL's are blamed for the house prices escalating out of reach of the poor 1st time buyers. Causing the BTL market to be less attractive can be an advantage there. As a general the houses are still there, no matter how someone will live in them. If that isn't providing our greedy profits who will care? The comment on the long term outcome is relevant and clearly, imho, the retard, short sighted Welsh Assembly are going to cause their lower class areas to sink to lower levels. As they remove our incentive to invest they also remove those responsible for attempting to create and maintain attractive properties for the lesser able to live in, and I experience a good few of them. The English gave them a lot of castles, I don't recall they ever paid us for them. The tourist revenues should be claimed from the chippy sods.
  15. Just yesterday, yes yesterday, I went on the offensive against those that are enjoying the release from rent payment responsibility. I have now upset a few T's and G'tors and confirmed for them that I am nowt but a scabby money grabber. If the Gov't says I'm wrong then I must be. I reasoned that the Courts are sitting from the 23rd Aug, and repossessions can take place from end of Sept, so now was the time to take pro active action with the restoration of my ability to threaten their peaceful low expense existence. Wrong again. What a dumb dipsh*t I am, apparently. Serves me right for calling the Welsh Assembly a retarded bunch of wuck fits I guess. Thanks for the heads up btw, at least the pubs are open again, but not in Wales yet.
  16. If and when the HB become aware that any HB claim is incorrect they will likely stop payments, that is now your loss. HB can also be recovered from you should HB believe they have over paid in the past. You would be caused to repay this if you received it. Good luck with attempting to claim from another solicitor, this might be more good money after bad as your new solicitor doesn't do this for nowt. He may just be enjoying the additional business from you. It sounds like the defendants solicitor is out of funds to defend. But this is sticky stuff. There is no need for a solicitor to act during a surrender, or the dealing of a deed of surrender, I've done these myself to persuade an abuser to naff off. For you though being sure there is no future claim of illegal eviction is of great importance. Will you ever get your lost rents back? Will you ever get your ever growing legal expenses back? Will you ever be compensated for any damage to the property? In short it may be beneficial to forget your losses and reduce any future losses by drawing a line under this very sorry episode. For that thought the tenant / family need somewhere else to go to, or any offer of financial write off of debt is likely pointless. Put yourself in his shoes and consider what is required to make this work for him, then see if that's possible for you. You looking for justice, it just 'aint designed like that.
  17. The usual worry of over taxation is if investment money will flow out to other more attractive (taxwise) countries. That only helps those with investments here if the UK wishes to remain somewhat competitive. What is less easy to learn of is how much financial assistance is being given by other countries during Covid by comparison to us. That is how much will they have to claw back by increased taxation? The forecast of the future 'wherever' is going to be about more than the obvious tax hikes, everything is going to be costing more as the cost of living rises. The indirect taxation is going to empty our pockets more in my view. If only I had become a hairdresser in Greece. I would be retired on a full pension by now. and wouldn't have paid tax in the first place. There's some good sailing there too, but the skiing's cr*p.
  18. It won't be difficult to reject benefit applicants on some other reasoning. Where you we might fall foul of discrimination, any discrimination, is if we have a significant portfolio and are unable to demonstrate that we do or have let to a specific minority group that the vulture (Shelter included) are making the claim on. I guess that could include the minority group of remain voters (te he). 1st though there needs to be a statute penalty range for us to consider. Clearly as well as self promotion Shelter would be aiming for comp' but my scant read didn't see what. My point is that if the penalty is slight it could be better to chance it, but avoid the massive penalty of legal costs. BTW hinted at but long term sick and retired housing benefit claimants can be a reasonable choice. The intentionally unemployed are likely problems ahead.
  19. Mel I haven't read the minute detail, and tbh probably won't spend my time doing so. But 'registered', with the Warm..... is what I would expect. I had a call 2 days ago from Warm Wales, a charity apparently, how nice. They wish to survey the replacement of electric heaters in one of my 5 flats because they are faulty. How surprising that that verbal T didn't let me know. I'm expecting the registered body will be the overseer of works, farming those works out to fly by nights. So far I understand we will pay 1/3 of any install, of whatever. Since the price may well be doubled by the monopoly body adding for their admin and inspection, time will tell if this is going to be a pee take of the naive, and the tax payer. But you know I am historically just plain cynical. I saw the news item last night discussing the disadvantaged 1st time buyers competing with investors (us) due to the stamp duty holiday. Somehow we have more fire power to buy and will squeeze out the 1st timers, and the 1st timers are the life blood that generate the property ladder scenario. Totally missed by the interviewees was that we will still be paying the 3% above the 1st timers. Not mentioned was that our mortgage rates are generally higher also. Now, will mortgages be available in the numbers to rescue the property value downturn anyway? Will employment be at a level that demand will be significant? I see Sunak is attempting to head that off, so possibly, just possibly.
  20. Anything he, or the Gov't do is a gamble. Where this Covid takes us to is as yet unknown. Early morning not sleeping time I watched a Lords 'debate type transmission'. This was one of those split screen types and would zoom in to experts and Lords as they took centre stage. The experts of various settings were reporting their findings and understanding to the Lords, so that the Lords can exercise their new expertise for our benefit I guess. I watch daily briefing now very occasionally. As it became clear that we are being more manipulated than educated. Watching the behaviour at mass gatherings I can understand why. Anyway the experts were keen to share their knowledge without trying to twist it for a mass audience. After some time one thing was very clear, the experts don't bl**dy know. In truth I am surprised that by now there isn't more definitive knowledge from experience gained around the world and from lab test and experiments to attempt better understanding of this thing, but I didn't witness that. So in the early days the masses were thrown lots of loafs to pacify them / us (well actually not LL's but hey ho). But this thing looks increasingly like a long haul so when will our Chancellor consider that he gave away too much too soon. The loafs can't be thrown to the Plebs indefinitely. His level of financial support/s is unsustainable, in the real world that I try to understand at least. We are now anaesthetised to the gifts of the occasional £Billion. Support for the furloughed, for the self employed (or self unemployed possibly) all seems reasonable, and I could see the strategy. But he is looking for ways to reduce that bill and pass it to others, in recognition that it isn't sustainable. Where I seriously question the new strategies is gifts to a company to hire out electric scooters, to be paid for by 30.3 million taxpayers but used by a few. But the £2B is only £66 to each tax payer, on top of the debt of £1,821Billion prior to Covid and that already equates to over £60,000 per tax payer. On our behalf the Theatres can have a mere £1.74B. Now the Universities want their gift. Then the £2B for improving home insulation, are there many houses left that still need this after previous similar / same initiatives? Investing in the infrastructure to generate jobs and improve lives generally has obvious payback. Too much of what is happening now though reeks of corruption and feeding the already well heeled that have the advantage of being able to bend the ear of those empowered to gift our money. Time'll tell but I think Sunak might be fuelling discontent and increasing the possibility of civil disorder, as the money runs out that is.
  21. I would look to create evidence of occupancy so that council tax doesn't revert to you as owners as and when the council are led to believe they have left. A willingness by neighbours to make statements to that effect might be useful. Confirm with the utilities that their name is still associated to the property, and check again as time passes. Complaints by neighbours to the police and council environmental health, with you having record of these, might well help in court come a hearing to hoof 'em. I'm led to believe that courts are in furlough, some if not all. Interesting might be your location and what progress you make with getting court action. With that in mind it would be interesting to know what advice toward repossession you might get from environmental health regarding their removal for the benefit of the neighbours and resolution of any nuisance activities. Are the neighbours losing sleep at all? Is there any threatening behaviour? Is there evidence that rubbish could be a health risk, be cautious though as this becomes commercial waste with an expense to you for removal ( that should be documented by the certified company). Btw, feel free to carry out your own research and ignore my input. I'm sure the path to becoming a seasoned landlord can be a rewarding one, but my experience is that it's a feasibly dangerous and expensive learning curve. Good luck, we all need it.
  22. I would suggest that the if sparky is looking for extra business and details failures because... request the specific regulation that he is failing for, that can be checked. A bit like going to Kwik Fit and they saying your brakes pads are worn, ask what friction depth remains. To my mind if a sparky can't detail the reg' he hasn't completed the required inspection and shouldn't be paid. If properties are supposedly unfit due to not being 18th Edition compliant than most of us should move out until rewired. I can understand a sparky refusing to add circuits to an aged, over used consumer unit. But that's different.
  23. Try Prestayn, that's nearly 3 of 'em. The great pro to benefit T's is that you can get most of the rent paid by the state. As long as the T ticks the appropriate box, Or as long as the T is eight weeks in arrear, but they can defend your demonstration of this. As long as they are entitled to the benefit continually, or it is taken / claimed back. Paid only for the period of occupancy, so forget notice periods. The one or two small downsides are that any guarantor is less likely to be wealthy and wise. Such T's are usually with ongoing issues, of many kinds. They occupy for most of the 24 hours and wear out the property more. If / when they abscond they are less able to remove their belongings. These are now classified as commercial waste requiring a registered contractor to remove and provide paperwork, certainly for Wales. Has England done this to us yet? Oh, and we are more likely to be considered greedy for taking the rent that is paid for them. I most certainly am not suggesting that they all smell, bless 'em.
  24. I suppose I could offer my T's use of my holiday home, but that's when they've found their own campsite and they would have to put it up themselves (I don't mean that in a painful way).
  25. I have never heard of what you ask for. Usually a letter informing them that you no longer require their services is what would be needed. First read their terms and conditions carefully. Is there a notice period? Are you liable for any charges relating to existing tenancies?
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