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  1. I don't disagree with any of the comments. All our predictions are based on the use of a crystal ball, more than ever that is less than reliable. Labour getting in seems a very remote possibility, thank god. But we ar in strange times and nowt is certain. Even the Tories are attacking us continually as an industry. We only offer each other sympathy as no one else will, we are considered fair game. BTL has been about revenues, rather than capital growth, since 2008. I don't see that changing. I also don't see rents dropping, by much at least, unless legislation steps in for some reason that I don't foresee. So if the rental return on the dosh looks attractive, and it goes w/o saying that you understand the market better than most, it has to be a winner. What else would you do with the spare dosh? Buy a place in the southern hemishpere to spend half your life at, perhaps. I don't see much positive around the UK for a while, what ever happens with Brexit.
  2. I see that survey's main purpose was to offer eductaion on the new regime to be introduced. Some questions didn't allow for a negative opinion to be demonstrated and then moved to the "this is how it will work" explanation. It's coming, it has been decided how it will work. We've just to get used to it. The comment I attempted to get across, for what it's worth, is that this will increase the cultural divide. Those applicants that may presently gain from a 'benefit of doubt' will be rejected due to the increased risk / expence this introduces. They then, rather than having been given 'a chance' to improve their lot, will find the lesser attractive locations are what will be available to them. This further protection of tenants against rogue landlords just pushes us closer to being social landlords. Why would an intelligent landlord want to evict a good tenant and incur the losses that go with that? Now imagine if McDonnel gets his hands on power.
  3. I still use the Guarantor Deed that Grampa supplied many years ago, that might be while some of us used another forum. Many of my T's wouldn't satisfy the requirements of insurance so I don't look into any more, and if a T's status changes the insurancce may have no value anyway. Although insurance may be a considertion where a Guarantor is too remote and the T looks good. For the £3 I carry out a Land Registry check on the G'tor. Firstly it checks on the accuracy of info given in the application. I can see what price paid and when, and additional charges that can be deduced as a bad debt action. Although I'm not able to see outstanding balances it's possible to work out if there will be equity to threaten. Be sure that's with the LR though, others will do the same for more dosh. I Google map the location for an idea of their style. I also look into social media to get an idea of the T where I can, it's better to be forewarned of an undesirable.
  4. The rating of F or G being a failed property, is this only for the energy rating or the environmental impact rating also? Is the assessment outcome still using the same criteria for the ratings, or have there been changes that can change the score?
  5. Plastic scraper and white spirit to buff up perhaps?
  6. And he wants the workers to run the companies. But since the apes are running the country anything is possible. The sequel 'Planet of the MP's'
  7. I've been discussing this elsewhere through the day. Once again McDonnell demonstates that he is unsuitable to manage the country's finances. The report of his fantasy policy I read was so full of holes and contradictions it wouldn't stand up to a school teachers scrutiny while marking it as a project. I've been listening to Blair's keynote speech and follow up questions, well 3/4 of the hour+. He couldn't have been a better Tory if he had tried. That would be more votes for BJ in the event of an imminent GE. Between Dabbott, McDonnell, Corbyn and Blair I'm surprised that Labour still has a following.
  8. Some years back it was possible to invest sale profits into another venture and so in effect defer CGT. It was within a year or two , but clearly I don't remember how long. I haven't a clue if still possible, but the HMRC web pages should help. As for doing the same if within the eu I wouldn't have a clue, anyway you wouldn't have long for that one.
  9. Thanks for the wishes. Angelesey being easy to get to would depend on your route, but the most obvius is off the M6 and then M56 / A55, it's still 2 hours(ish) from the M6, and the timing of the use of the A55 can make a drastic difference to the journey time and frustration, but that's pretty usual up and down the country really. I want to explore the bottom of the M5 possibilities a little more, it may have greater onward exploration possibilities. The w/e didn't work out as planned. Saturday night we anchored at Llanddwyn with 6 more club members, bor BBQ on the beach. Our throttle mechanism had issue so I spent till midday Sunday reapiring that. The rest had gone on round the island but we didn't plan to continue to their chosen location anyway. Crew didn't feel confident to go forward and mutineed so we sailed back to Baumaris for more repairing Sunday. Monday was out to Puffin Island for breakfaast at anchor, then on to Llandduno for a nosey there and round the Gt Orm. The only worthwhile wind all w/e was on returning down the Menai. Force 4 / 5 and crew not over happy at me enjoying a yacht actually sailing for a change as it heeled significantly and required a fair amount of tacking to stay within channel(ish). The rest of the club got less wind then we did as it turned out. We've 9 dysa planned out again mid September, going south if the wind permits, the continual engine drone isn't my preference. Anyway my T paid his rent in full so no issues there. So now I'll ask for his receipt and offer to pay half, if the receipt is actually £260. If it's a more reasonable £130 or so I'll pay all.
  10. Small point but does their contract allow for the 1 month expiry to expire on the 27th of a month. You may find they are liable up to a different date that allows you to inspect and close out the tenancy on your return, only a few days later anyway.
  11. If online only then they may well have little or nothiong of substance to lose and for you to claim for in the event, see the other thread running about a poor agent. If they run this as here today gone tomorrow you might find them enjoying what revenue they can and not passing it on to their clients, especially as the 'run' day approaches. Is there any personal liability with this agent?
  12. As Melboy I've fitted the Pegler isolation valves to many of my properties. Turn 90 degrees and they're off, a much more positive and reliable isolation than the screwdiver type. I've had too many of those weep. But along the lines of T's having responsibility for the properties in which they reside I think it reasonable for them to be expected to take responsible action in the event of situations that require pro active responses. We have discussed here previously that T's shouldn't expect hotel type service. So protecting our investment is the priority. Part of that is of course protecting our revenue, the T's, where it isn't OTT. In my specific case, and a reasonable example, the 'euro' lock failed. A rare event, and while possible, wouldn't normally fail w/o some prior warning. In truth I would expect this to be the result of the frame shifting / settling and the mortice no longer moving freely. But he hasn't rung so I don't know. The rents are due so it'll be interesting to see if he has the confidence to adjust the payment. Anyway, in my years I have had a few failures, usually boilers. Gas engineers may or may not be available and we aren't likely to pay a retainer for 'guaranteed' service so we are at the mercy of the engineer, tradesmen to respond if they feel. Last week a smell of gas, 3 weeks after a gas inspection, and that tradesman was on holiday for 2 weeks, so down the list to the next. My point is that while we don't want to inconveience our T's they have no more rights than any householder. As these did they use the phone and find a tradesman in my absence. This £200 or whatever will be excessive for the one call out but for my many years of LLing isn't a big deal, and my sailing is important to me, when opportunity allows. This w/e (plus a bit) it's Yachty time, Llanddwyn, Rhosneigr, Holyhead, Cemaes and last night likely to be Moelfre, all depending on wind direction. I hope my T's have a good w/e, I'm sure they deserve it.
  13. It's generally recognised that inspections should be independant, your own inspections would likely be seen as biased. If your A's were to carry out the admin to claim here, and it deosn't sound like it, they would charge for their efforts. That cost can be addd to any claim but increases your risk of a higher out of pocket result. During a claim expect a generous, to T, write down allowance for the items damaged. You may think a carpet to be good for 15 years but 4 years is what I understand to be accepted. Is there a guarantor? Again if there is the A often declines to provide such contact information citing data protection. That's not applicable but means you may have a challenge to get the details. My view is to take this on yourself, you've already sacked the A anyway. Go to print staing clearly what your claiming for. Follow up with Letter Before Claim and progress as if going to court. Get what you can as compensation by negotiation then put it behind you. The effort, stress and further insult from the County Court isn't attractive in my experience.
  14. Slightly different, but still locks. For a pleasant change I was out on one my my sailing dinghies yesterday (Sunday). Not that it's relevant I don't carry my phone and but I missed a call from a T at 14:02, and from his unofficially house sharing brother 6 minutes later. I texed them both back at 19:04, enquiring as to if there was issue. No response to those texts. I called the T 8:10 this morning, but I know he can't take his phone onto the production line, no answer so I called his brother and success. The front door lock had failed yesterday. They had called a locksmith who came out at 19:45 and replaced the lock, good sorted. "He charged a hundred a.. er, er, two hundred and sixtry pounds." Clearly there is the expectation that I should refund this. Remember this is destitute Accrington Stanley, not Mayfair. During my fit of laughter I stated he (the T) had been ripped off. "Andrew (name not changed to protect the innocent) is going to call you tonight." So how would you persons deal with this expected claim of £260, bearing in mind that they pay well enough to be good T's, haven't pestered me with trivialities since the start of Tenancy March 2014. And possibly more relevant, it is difficult to find non abusive T's up there and I would rather nail their frickin' feet to the floorboards rather than let 'em go.
  15. A return of property can be vague, not all T's will serve notice and sign a surrender document. Imagine you return to a previously vacant property to find an occupier 'who has a key'. The Police would see them as rightful after they say they are authorised by said T. I have had T's live in such basic fashion that I know many people would be happy to just get a roof. Turning on utilities isn't a great problem to most, if turned off in the first place. Then there are scenarios of revenge following a hostile end of occupance, I've had a few exT's that would like to see me suffer, and one or two that have used bad means for revenge. If they had means to access and cause damage they would. Why leave any opportunity for low lifes to cause aggro when the prevention is so simple. I did get tired of replacing locks as a matter of course for what could turn out to be a short tenancy, so I learned to charge, if they wish a new lock.
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