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  1. Labour dont want them to leave the union as they lose 15-20 MP's and the Tory's 1.
  2. The EU require a retail GDP deficit of no more than 3% for joining members. Scotland has at present between 7-10% depending which source you look at. The UK deficit is equivalent to 1.1% of its GDP Who needs who???
  3. But independence without financial support from the EU or UK very likely to be insolvent but they will expect to be bailed out.
  4. Having seen many leases and many badly drafted I would say it could any, all or nobody. The devil is in the wording so read your lease as RL states.
  5. Its not just the tax savings, its the extra flexibility on ownership, shareholding etc. The long term plan being to leave the properties to the kids. I should do as you say grind down the numbers a bit more if I was honest but it does help having family members who are accountants with their own practice and landlords themselves. The plan with the properties I have at the moment is to gradually sell and "upgrade" to bigger, freehold, share of freehold with reasonable service charges. and buy via the Ltd Co. I am finding the the prices are reducing at the moment and not as many purchasers out there (which many change a bit next month) so I guess depending on your level of risk it could be viewed an a good time to get a good deal.
  6. Thanks for your thoughts guys. The only thing that hurts is the ltd company mortgage which are not as good as personal BTL. Managed to source a 5 year fixed for 3.19% but the borrowing is only in the region of 60-70k so the payments relatively small. Had to drag that rate out from the FA as he first suggested a 3.99% rate with lower fees but the lower rate and over double arrangement fees still saves over 2.5k over the period of 5 years so do your sums guys.
  7. Had a chunk of cash hanging about so just had a very/fairly good offer accepted on another BTL flat. Five flats in a block with a comes with share of the Freehold and sensible service charges. Cant see huge capital growth in the future (regardless of Brexit) but a good yield but in the same road and opposite 2 other flats I own. I am purchasing it in a Ltd company which is a first for me. Bold move or pure stupidity?๐Ÿ˜„
  8. Who wants the 3 years? You or the tenant?
  9. In an ideal world you should get the guarantor to re-sign upon every renewal but the trouble with guarantors a lot of the time they are out of the area or they fall out with the tenants or later read up on the responsibilities and liability they have potentially given themselves. But having an agreement/deed that potentially has no end date (because it covers renewals and periodic) could give a a cute solicitor/Shelter rep an argument to get it invalidated at a court hearing. The one we use get around that "get out/end date" argument by saying they can be released if a suitable replacement is found. Not as tight legally as them resigning every time but a good compromise.
  10. took me longer than 25 mins as well. Personally I think the decision has been made and what we say is irrelevant but 15 years in the letting industry does make you cynical.
  11. REF: PROPOSED BAN OF SECTION 21 ARLA CEO David Cox says this will make a difference if we as agents and more importantly, your landlords fill in this survey .. yets it takes 20mins .. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/52JFF5T ... otherwise dont come crying in the future when its (S21) taken away and you couldnt be bothered to complete a 20min survey and send the same to your landlords
  12. https://www.lettingagenttoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2019/9/longer-tenancies-government-could-make-announcement-as-soon-as-next-month
  13. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7417191/John-McDonnell-declare-war-buy-let-landlords-giving-tenants-chance-buy-property.html
  14. You can get a cheap service or a good service. Very rarely can you get both at the same time. You get what you pay for.
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