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  1. We sent the first couple of letters out to landlords yesterday informing them of an increase in management fees and a suggested rent increased to mitigate it. Fingers crossed
  2. I think they have covered this scenario. Nice try. "if the amount of rent payable in respect of any relevant period (“P1”) is more than the amount of rent payable in respect of any later relevant period (“P2”), the additional amount payable in respect of P1 is a prohibited payment." "Where there is more than one later relevant period in respect of which the amount of rent payable is lower than the amount of rent payable in respect of P1— (a) if different amounts of rent are payable for different later relevant periods, P2 is the relevant period for which the lowest amount of rent is payable; (b) if the same amount of rent is payable for more than one later relevant periods, P2 is the first of those periods."
  3. Well you have a years grace for existing tenancies up 1st june 2020. I would contact mydeposits and ask them the question. I would be interested in their answer.
  4. Grampa

    Renting to students: Is it a bad idea?

    So you plan to rent a asset worth many £1000's to a 20 year old young lad who has very likely never left home and lived by himself, never cleaned a cooker or bathroom in his life who is now in a environment where all his peers are having parties, having drinking games, bed swapping and struggling to make their student loans stretch the term. Good luck with that
  5. Sales (new instructions) always pick up for us after xmas from about the middle Jan as we get a flurry of new instructions from the marital breakups over xmas and deaths of elderly people if there been a cold spell. I thought there would be more of a downturn due to the B word uncertainty. There appears to be no shortage of potential purchasers either.
  6. There is a work around solution to the pet issue you raise RL. You advertise the property with 2 prices which is apparently acceptable. So you advertise the property normally at say £1000pcm and then right at the bottom of the property description and room sizes etc you add (in small print??)something along the lines of. The landlord of this property may accept pets and if agreed the rental prices would be £1015pcm. After 18 months thats a extra 270 quid. (or whatever rate you set it to) Our sales have surprisingly increased so maybe its just your area RL but there is always historically a bit of a spike at this time of year.
  7. Some of you will all ready be aware of the tenant fee ban coming in on 1st June 2019. But are you aware that within it there is also a rule that the max deposit you can take is 5 weeks rent. Thats fine for new tenancies but if you have a current tenancy with a higher deposit the portion of the deposit over 5 weeks will have to be returned to the tenant. The good news is you have 12 months grace until 1st June 2020. The bad news is and this isnt just related to deposits (over 5 weeks) it relates to any fee that is taken (after 1st June 2019) that that shouldn't have been taken which could be ref fees, check out fees or any other charge during the tenancy. Or if you took a check out fee in advance on a historic on going tenancy. *********YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SERVE A SECTION 21.*********** Just another way on the growing list for judges, Shelter etc to get evictions struck out. But with a lot of new laws they are not thought out or planned sensibility as the deposit schemes do not have a mechanism to allow part of a deposit to be returned.
  8. Grampa

    Taking Pocession after serving notice under 21a

    Right I am assuming: The property is in england It is less than 6 months since you served the s21 The tenancy is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy The possession forms were updated 21st November 2017 but the online forms on PCOL were not updated (last time I looked) so technically there could be grounds for the judge to strike out. However if you chose to continue down the PCOL route you need to post any relevant docs to the same court that has been allocated for the hearing quoting the claim number given by PCOL. Rent arrears is normally claimed via S8 or MCOL.
  9. Grampa

    sale value

    When buying commercial (i know its not the same) investors would expect 10% return so 160k would be about right but in this case the seller has the upper hand as they have been approached to sell so there has to be a premium on top. If it was me I would get 3 valuations by local agents pick the highest and add say 25-40% on top and use that as a starting negotiating point with all legal fees included.
  10. Grampa

    Very Slow Website

    still slow when i tried to open it. Is it just me???
  11. Grampa

    Very Slow Website

    I have reported site issues previously to the emails on the contact us area on the site to get issues resolved but now all the emails are bouncing back. mmmmm I dont want to think the worst but I hope that doesnt mean what I think it does.
  12. Grampa

    Very Slow Website

    Yes its been the same for me as well for weeks now. Doesn't exactly encourage traffic to the site.
  13. Grampa


    Well she could have been complaining Melboy but you couldnt hear her over the noise of your power tools.😀
  14. Grampa


    We have had similar problems in the past and have had to distance ourselves from the the issue otherwise you can get too involved as RL above mentions. But we have previously written to persistent complainers explaining how noise from other family units is part and parcel of choosing to living in flats and if they are sensitive to noise they should consider moving to a property that is more suited to their needs. However if they consider it excessive they need to report it to the appropriate authorities. (without actually giving them the details). This worked for us and the complainers (not our tenants) moved out.
  15. Do you have guarantors?