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  1. Hello all the latest saga in this DHSS plank that we have come across. We finally managed to get the so called son out of the property with the help of a really good agent, i can only say as i find the services of these really professional agents. They all know their stuff and the P--s takers that have hidden behind the councils many so called rules The council have realised that they have been paying the tenant for 2 properties in different boroughs (only due to his slip) they finally done a trace and as if they were amassed the same person same NI number same DOB have been receiving a double claim, after being told to" jog on" by the council many times when we reported this fraud, they have realised that the tenant is not a very" credible person" they don't say We now have to go to a tribunal to find out who is liable for the full amount It really is a complete travesty that the councils don't want to believe what is being told to them Still we live in hope
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